The new guy.

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Thread Topic: The new guy.

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    joshbrewer Junior
    The new guy moves into town. plot makes itself.
  • Fandomfreak Newbie
    May I? Please?
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    joshbrewer Junior
  • Fandomfreak Newbie
    Thank you. Do you mind if I were to play the female?
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    joshbrewer Junior
    Not at all.
  • Fandomfreak Newbie
    One last question, is there any specific age you want her to be? I have a premade form if that's alright.
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    joshbrewer Junior
    16-20 is around the age.
    Plot progresses as we go along.
  • Fandomfreak Newbie
    Name: Claire Celeste Thomas
    Age: Seventeen
    Height: sixty-three inches
    Weight: one hundred twenty-four pounds
    Hair color: Caramel
    Skin color: Creme
    Eye color: Crystal blue
    Usual outfits:
    -white dress, black coat, black stockings, black boots
    -white skirt, black long sleeved shirt, white gloves, black pumps
    -white blouse, black skirt, black gloves, white pumps
    -can come off as cold
    -secretly sweet and caring
    -easily ticked
    -very random
    -being ignored
    -drawing too much attention
    -asking for help
    -her short fuse
    -her being extremely insecure
    -being heart broken
    Color: white
    Animal: mouse
    Food: spaghetti
    Drink: Coffee
    Book: Teen Spirit
    Author: Charles Dickenson
    Holiday: Halloween
    Flower: white rose
    Pastry: Cream horn
    Song: Everybody Hurts by REM
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    hadesman101 Novice
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    joshbrewer Junior
    Name: Jameson Alexander Theodore
    Age: Seventeen
    Height: Seventy-two inches
    Hair: Dark curly brown
    Eye's: Sea green
    Usual outfits:
    -Blue t-shirt, blue jeans,vans
    -Green longsleeve, blue jeans,vans
    -Red no sleeve, black shorts, nike athletic shoes
    -Holds back pain
    -Italian food
    -Tends to get mad quick
    -Blind in right eye
    Animal:Australian shepard
    Book:The End Of Time
    Author:Rick Riordan
  • Fandomfreak Newbie
    Wow. You didn't have to use my form, but I thank you for it.
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    joshbrewer Junior
    It was fun to do my character on a new sheet. Do you mind if you start I like to see how much others like to write.
  • Fandomfreak Newbie
    Sure thing.

    Claire sat on the park bench she had called home for about three months. Her mother had passed due to cancer and her father walked our on them for a woman half his age. She sighed and took out her sketch pad as she began to sketch the rose bush beside her. Her caramel hair was severely matted and she was beyond underweight.
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    joshbrewer Junior
    Jameson sat in the car. He was flying from Italy, the place he loved, to america his home land. Jamesons's entire is italian therefore there love Italy is great. Soon he whould land, and wake up the next day and go to some new school. To meet new people, soon he will not be able to see them and that is sad.

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