Camp Half Blood

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Thread Topic: Camp Half Blood

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    Beatle Obsessed Experienced
    Name: Dawn
    Parents: Zeus and Nyx
    Status: Godling, child of the Sky and Night
    Age: Appears 17, but is immortal
    Looks: Red hair, dark blue eyes, 5'9
    Powers: Can turn the sky into night. Can levitate, can control the winds.
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    Luna Siren Novice
    Name: Lillian Ignest
    Parents: Robert Ignest, Athena
    Status: Demigod, Hunter of Artemis
    Age: 14, But is immortal
    Looks: Dirty blonde, shoulder length hair, grey eyes 5'1
    Powers/Weapons/Abilities: Is faster then regular demigods, carries a bow, hunting knives, and a sword
    Other: Is immortal unless she falls in love or is killed in battle
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    Beatle Obsessed Experienced
    Weapons/Abilities: Very good climber, intelligent, and very quick. (Mentally and physically.) Carries silver bows with lightning tips, black bows with tips covered in Night, makes you unconscious, and still injures you. Also carries a bronze dagger.

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