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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Angel, PLEASE make a character! I would love to include a cat of yours!

    Brownie, love the design, but a couple things.
    1- She needs a warrior name.
    2- I'm either doing Cavernclan (so she'd have to be from Cavernclan, Sunclan, or Jayclan) Or I'm doing Woodclan. (So she'd have to be from Woodclan, Nightclan, or Fireclan.)

    Paris, also love the design, (and the story!) but a few things.
    1- Do cats know what stains are? Just not sure Stainpaw would be a likley name.
    2- Where are the markings? Grey paws? Gray tail tip? Gray muzzle?
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    AnimePhan Experienced
    (This is what they all say: Enter and you may be on the series Imma put on Youtube. We all know you just want warriorcats for your thing mibopper clan)
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    Angel Fox Novice
    OK, I'll make one :) I've never known Warriors that well, but I think I know what to do.

    Name: Devinestar
    Pelt: calico (white with brown/black blotches)
    No other markings
    Personality: I don't really care, you may choose ;)

    (Anything I missed??)
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    absol heart Junior
    age: 15 moons old
    fur: a dark black, with dark gray paws and white tail tip. shaggy pelt style.
    eyes: one blind eye (left) and right eye is usual yellow.
    personality: he is silent, but is a excellent hunter at night and is great at night-time attacks. he doesnt talk or speak unless spoken to, or has forseen a vision.
    talents: night related things, and the only cat in his clan that can see visions without being leader or medicine cat.
    sex: male
    relationship: straight.
    kits: none
    mate: doesnt have one yet.
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Actually Anime, I would much rather use characters from my own imagination in Cavernclan. You shouldn't assume things, in case anyone never told you, I isn't polite.

    Angel, great job! But there are a few things you missed. First, the name. The first part of the name is usually a color, animal, or object in nature. As for the second part, "star" is only put at the end of the leader's name. So, you'll need to pick something else. Here are some examples of real warrior cats:


    First Name Part Examples:

    Blue, Black, White, Red, Green, Snow, Shadow, Leaf, River, Wind, Thunder, Breeze, Sand, Dove, Tiger, Hawk, Fox, Badger, Frost, Mud, Moss, etc...

    Second Name Part Examples:

    claw, pelt, fur, stripe, heart, spirit, fang, tail, gaze, ear, nose, etc...

    Absol: Great! What clan though? (I'll probably do a clan called Fireclan, so the choices are Fireclan or one of the other clans, Nightclan and Woodclan.)
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    Rave098 Experienced
    (Can I make a few more? If so, there they are!)

    Name: Goosewing
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45 moons
    Rank: Warrior
    Mate: Hollytail
    Kits: Wolfkit, Moonkit
    Best skill: Fighting
    Personality: Serious, Quick-witted.

    Name: Hollytail
    Gender: Female
    Age: 37 moons
    Rank: Queen
    Mate: Goosewing
    Kits: Wolfkit, Moonkit
    Best Skill: Tracking
    Personality: Sweet, kind

    Name: Moonkit; Wolfkit
    Gender: Female; Female
    Age: 3 moons
    Rank: Kit
    Mate: None
    Kits: None
    Best skill: Running; Play-Hunting
    Personality: Happy, funny; Laid back, sweet.
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Okay, but what do they look like? If you don't have descriptions I can make them up, or give you options. Also, I had already planned on using my Wolfkit. Change the name please?
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    Rave098 Experienced
    XD Sorry, I'm not having a good day. Use your Wolfkit.

    Moonkit: Silver with white paws and tail-tip. She has light blue eyes.

    Goosefeather: Light brown with white patches. He has Gray eyes.

    Hollytail: Dark gray with lighter chest and belly. She has light blue eyes.
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    absol heart Junior
    nightclan. so sorry, i didnt look at the clans hen making a charrie. i thought you already had a clan in mind for all of us to join.
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    absol heart Junior
    ill make a extra just for the mishap.

    name twistheart
    age 15 moons
    fur dark brown, with little clumps of gold matted in. his pelt is usually covered with blood from his opposers.
    personality fierce, unforgiving, and cold blooded. he won't stop for anything that stops him from getting what he wants.
    eye: dark brown.
    talents: killing blows, and discipline.
    other: his paws are covered with fox teeth.
    clan: dragonfly clan. (if you dont allo this just tell me. im fine with you not allowing it) dragonfly clan is a hidden clan thriving in a large cave filled with tunnels. the cave entrance is located out of the clan boundaries, but are somewhat close. the caves main prey is rats, fish that flow through a small opening in the cave, and lizards.
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Absol, I love the character, but pleeeez choose one of my clans. So sorry, but it would just be too had to put in otherwise.
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    wolf_heart Experienced
    Ummmm I guess they do xP
    Right. She has grey spots
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    absol heart Junior
    okay. ill put him in fire clan.
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    Angel Fox Novice
    Oh. Sorry about the name! I had no idea it was so specific! :/
    (Changed my character a little)

    Name: Foxhunt
    Gender: Male
    Pelt: light orange with auburn "mask" around both eyes and ears.
    Eyes: dark dark brown
    Personality: whatever you want ;3

    (Did I get it right this time??) :D
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    LuckyFirefly Junior
    Yes, Angel. Thanks so much!

    However, I do have an announcment. Due to a favor I owe some friends, I will be doing a wolf animation before a cat one. After the wolves I will come back to this though!

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