super natural soap?

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Thread Topic: super natural soap?

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    what r they
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    name Alex
    age 16
    looks a plain white t-shirt with jeans no shoes red hair with blue eye's
    powers control's the dead
    who is he satan's son
    personality stay in the shadows as much as he can... if annoyed too much kills on the spot
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    anyone... just say me
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    name Advanced
    ill up for one
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    wolf_heart Novice
    Name: juliet
    Age: 17
    Looks: long black hair with braided strands, blue eyes, even skin.
    Wears: purple hoody with neon green peace signs in the corners, shorts, no shoes.
    Powers: controls water and air.
    Child of: ?
    Who is she: unknown
    Personality: calm, breezy, cool, caring, skilled fighter. Prefers cool temperatures.

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