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    In the far future, science had gone to far, and Time itself has been messed up, and balance thrown crazy. Space is looming closer, and it seems the world will soon collapse in on itself. That is, unless the 4 Heroes can find the Keys of Time.
    Everyone plays as a different Hero. The hero have powers over the 4 elements. They have to travel around the world, to the four Tombs of Time, each representing a unique element of the World. The Water Tomb is on the beach, through a cave under the water, the Rock Tomb is in a canyon underground, the Air Tomb is up high on a mountain, and the Fire tomb is in a volcano.
    They have to make it through the traps and puzzles of the tomb, and find the Keys before Space and the Planet collapse and life as we know it dies. Once they find the Four keys, they have to go to the Temple of Light and Dark, which can be wherever you want it to be, and submit the Keys into the Doors of Time. Once the Door is again unlocked, the Temple and the Four Tombs will disappear, and the world will be saved.

    I'm water.
  • GinnyGirl Experienced
    My Character:

    Name: Ebony Louise Rivers
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Looks: Waist-length, wavy, black hair, sea-blue eyes that look like waves, tall, fair-skinned
    Personality: You'll see.

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