High school drama soap anyone? Jump in anytime

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Thread Topic: High school drama soap anyone? Jump in anytime

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    dannylover321 Experienced
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    Ender Novice
    0.0 I want to do this...

    Is it a romance? Cus I love romance rp for some reason...

    Is that weird?
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    Nope. Not weird I wanna do this here is my character:
    Name: Jocelyn
    Age: just turned 17
    Looks: Hazel eyes, short auburn bob (hair-do), ripped black jeggings and dark purple hoodie
    Height: 5'3
    Personality: Spunky, from Puerto Rico; if you call her a Mexican, she WILL slap you, all A's, single ;P
    Secret: Is a witch, but doesn't want to be one
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    Peisu_Neruson Newbie
    Take my profile picture and that describes my character. Her name will be Peisu, of course, but her friends call her Faith.
    Her personality is a bit of a surprise, if you will.
    Her age is about 16 , 1 month, and 13 days as of the starting point.
    Her secret is that she is the heir to a very large company and mansion, which holds a secret of it's own.
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    dannylover321 Experienced
    Ill make a charrie when I'm more awake...
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    dannylover321 Experienced

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