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    Dark22978 Junior
    Hahha, thanks.

    Heheh, he must be a very sexy 'god'.
  • Dadrocks43 Novice

    God never leaves you. He promises you that. However he will lose contact with you if you start to stray away. If you were not a christian in the first place, you are not protected under his blood. He is there and tries to get to you every minute of the day. The only problem is, is that if you don;t seek him, he can;t protect you. So all the horrible things that happens to you happen because he can't take something that is not his.

    Out of curiosity: Do things still happen to you when your worshiping this god kyo? Do you still feel incomplete? Just wondering. :)
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    Moyashi Senior
    Nope. Kyo's imperfections make him perfect. Since I've heard his unique voice, I have yet to be harmed. Your God is a pathetic lie who did not protect my father from diabetes and his motorcycle accident. Or help him through them.
    Although, my father did not believe in your God but that was no excuse to ignore requests to help him. Therefore, your God is nonexistent trash to me. But Kyo...He's so wonderful and hearing his voice lifts me from darkness...
  • GermanUnicorn Newbie
    I know you're angry at God, but can you please not call him "trash" and a "pathetic lie"? It's offensive. Thank you:)

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