anyone here agnostic?

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Thread Topic: anyone here agnostic?

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    @BD - If you're going to go against something, at least be mature about it, dude. Follow by Bob's example.
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    I think he's compensating for his microscopic dick. xD
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    Nikki_Knox Advanced
    Raised Roman Catholic, but lean more towards agnostic. I don't exactly consider it as a religion, per say, but it is conforting to accept that no one can be completely right or wrong in religion :)
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    I think you're mistaking excitement for surprise.
    I enjoy debating religion. It helps both parties come to a more accurate explanation and hopefully a final conclusion.

    And I would like for there to be a god too. But sadly, it doesnt matter which outlook is more asthetically pleasing. I am compelled to see what can be proven. I am compelled by the overwhelming facts and evidence. So while living for all eternity in paradise may sound better. I would rather live with mortality knowing that I didnt have to abandon logic and reason to do so. All the blind faith in the world topples over at the first wiff of common sense.

    And you're idea about Atheism being like religion would be a very sound idea, if there wasnt one major flaw in it. For there to be a civil war in a group, there actually has to be a group, and there actually have to be different views on it. A-theism. A lack in belief. People who dont follow any group, do not instantly become their own group. And unlike religion where there are 30 different copies of the same book that all are written differently. Atheism changes as a whole. Because anything that changes scientifically, can actually be proven and repeated.

    Have you ever actually lived the life of an atheist? Literally, other than God botherers telling us we're going to burn in hell, we dont face any religion related stresses that a theist would face. We can live our lives without a deity watching over our shoulder. We can walk for ourselves without depending on God to hold our hands the whole way.

    I had imaginary friends as well. They developed into multiple personality disorder. They never helped anyone but me and at least I knew that they only affected me. I didnt have to make believe that they controlled the entire universe.
    And as for that last part, you're right, I cant argue with the results that YOU'VE gotten. But I can point out that statistically, most people who didnt grow out of their imaginary friends before they turned 18, had to medicated and go through therapy before they could function in society.

    And I'm not sorry for the way I defend myself. I dont sugar coat anything I say and I mean every word. I have seen countless people waste their lives doing exactly what you're doing and I'm not going to pamper them when it comes to shaking them out of it.
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    BarberBob2: I am in love with everything you just said.
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    I can't really call myself an agnostic because I can't seem to make myself think that there MIGHT be a God. I do believe, however, that many people seem to find comfort in their religious beliefs and I find no reason to try to tear those down and ruin their comfortable feelings. I don't think I would like that very much if I were in their shoes. Why can't we all just live and let live?
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    Bumping posts to get forum normal again.
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