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    Among the achievements of modern science is the conquest of space which has resulted in mans journey to the moon. The prediction of this event surely springs to mind when we read the chapter ar-Rahmaan in the Quran:
    O assembly of Jinns and men, if you can penetrate the regions of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate them! You will not penetrate them except with authority.
    Authority to travel in space can only come from the Creator of the laws which govern movement and space. The whole of this Quranic chapter invites humankind to recognize Gods beneficence.

    At this point, we must ask ourselves the following question: How could an uneducated man in the middle of the desert accurately tackle so many and such varied subjects at a time when mythology and superstition reigned supreme? How could he so skillfully avoid every belief that was proven to be totally inaccurate many centuries later?


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    the water cycle in nature. This is a topic which is well known today. Consequently, the verses in the Quran that refer to the water cycle seem to express ideas that are now totally self-evident. But if we consider the ideas prevalent at that time, they appear to be based more on myth and philosophical speculation than on observed fact, even though useful practical knowledge on soil irrigation was current at that period.

    Let us examine, for example, the following verse in chapter az-Zumar:
    Have you not seen that Allah sent rain down from the sky and caused it to penetrate the ground and come forth as springs, then He caused crops of different colors to grow Quran,39:21

    Such notions seem quite natural to us today, but we should not forget that, not so long ago, they were not prevalent. It was not until the sixteenth century, with Bernard Palissy, that we gained the first coherent description of the water cycle. Prior to this, people believed that the waters of the oceans, under the effect of winds, were thrust towards the interior of the continents.

    They then returned to the oceans via the great abyss, which, since Platos time was called the Tartarus .In the seventeenth century, great thinkers such as Descartes still believed in this myth. Even in the nineteenth century there were still those who believed in Aristotles theory that water was condensed in cool mountain caverns and formed underground lakes that fed

    springs. Today, we know that it is the infiltration of rain water into the ground that is responsible for this. If one compares the facts of modern hydrology with the data found in numerous verses of the Quran on this subject, one cannot fail to notice the remarkable degree of agreement between the two.
    The Water Cycle

    Zakir Naik on Islamic Science-Water Cycle in Quran
    8 - Scientific Facts in the Quran (Part 1) - The Proof That Islam Is The Truth - Abdur-Raheem Green
    9 - Scientific Facts in the Quran (Part 2) - The Proof That Islam Is The Truth - Abdur-Raheem Green
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    botany at the time of Muhammad (S) was not advanced enough in any country for scientists to know that plants have both male and female parts.

    in the Quran
    (God is the One who) sent down rain from the sky and with it brought forth a variety of plants in pairs. Quran, 20:53
    Today we know that fruit comes from plants that have sexual characteristics even when they come from unfertilized flowers, like bananas. In the chapter ar-Rad we read the following:
    and of all fruits (God) placed (on the earth) two pairs. Quran, 13:3

    In the field of physiology, there is one verse which appears extremely significant to me. One thousand years before the discovery of the blood circulatory system, and roughly thirteen centuries before it was determined that the internal organs were nourished by the process of digestive , a verse in the Quran described the source of the constituents of milk, in conformity with scientific facts.

    To understand this verse, it must first be known that chemical reactions occur between food and enzymes in the mouth, the stomach and the intestines releasing nutrients in molecular form which are then absorbed into the circulatory system through countless microscopic projections of the intestinal wall called villi. Blood in the circulatory system then transports the nutrients to all the organs of the body, among which are the milk-producing mammary glands.

    This biological process must be basically understood, if we are to understand a verse in the Quran which has for many centuries given rise to commentaries that were totally incomprehensible.

    Today it is not difficult to see why! This verse is taken from the chapter an-Nahl:
    Verily, in cattle there is a lesson for yon. I give you drink from their insides, coming from a conjunction between the digested contents ( of the intestines ) and the blood, milk pure and pleasant for those who drink it. Quran, 16:66
    The constituents of milk are secreted by the mammary glands which are nourished by the product of food digestion brought to them by the bloodstream.

    The initial event which sets the whole process in motion is the conjunction of the contents of the intestine and blood at the level of the intestinal wall itself.
    This very precise concept is the result of the discoveries made in the chemistry and physiology of the digestive system over one thousand years after the time of Prophet Muhammad (S).
    Plant and fruit reproduction in The Quran

    Miracle of the Holy Quran for blood circulation and milk production Lecturer Zakir Naik

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    Tawheed al Haakimiyyah Ustaadh Musa Cerantonio - ...


    Islamic civilization in Andalus ...
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    the complexity of the semen and the fact that an infinitely small quantity is required to ensure fertilization. In chapter al-Insaan the Quran states:
    Verily, I created humankind from a small quantity of mingled fluids. Quran, 76:2

    The Arabic word nutfah has been translated as small quantity. It comes from the verb meaning to dribble, to trickle and is used to describe what remains in the bottom of a bucket which has been emptied. The verse correctly implies that fertilization is performed by only a very small volume of liquid.
    On the other hand, mingled fluids ( amshaaj ) has been understood by early commentators to refer to the mixture of male and female discharges. Modern authors have corrected this view and note that the sperm is made up of various components.

    When the Quran talks of a fertilizing fluid composed of different components, it also informs us that human progeny will be formed from something extracted from this liquid. This is the meaning of the following verse in chapter as-Sajdah:
    Then He made [ man's ] offspring from the essence of a despised fluid.
    Quran, 32:8
    The Arabic word translated by the term essence is sulaalah which means something extracted, the best part of a thing. In whatever way it is translated, it refers to part of a whole. Under normal conditions, only one single cell, spermatozoon, out of over 50 million ejaculated by a man during sexual intercourse will actually penetrate the ovule.

    An Atheist presented contradictions in Quran- Abdur Raheem Green worth watching - 2014
    Dr Zakir Naik - Creation of Men- from sperm or dust - Does Quran contradicts?
    Re: The Miraculous Quran: Embryology and Semen (1 of 2)

    Re: The Miraculous Quran: Embryology and Semen (2 of 2)
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    Once the egg has been fertilized in the fallopian tube, it descends to lodge itself inside the uterus. This process is called the implantation of the egg. Implantation is a result of the development of villosities, which, like roots in the soil, draw nourishment from the wall of the uterus and make the egg literally cling to the womb. The process of implantation is appropriately described in several verses by the word alaq, which is also the title of the chapter in which one of the verses appears:
    God fashioned humans from a clinging entity. Quran, 96:2

    The evolution of the embryo inside the maternal uterus is only briefly described, but the description is accurate, because the simple words referring to it correspond exactly to fundamental stages in its growth. This is what we read in a verse from the chapter al-Muminoon:
    I fashioned the clinging entity into a chewed lump of flesh and I fashioned the chewed flesh into bones and I clothed the bones with intact flesh. Quran, 23:14
    The term chewed flesh (mudghah) corresponds exactly to the appearance of the embryo at a certain stage in its development.
    It is known that the bones develop inside this mass and that they are then covered with muscle. This is the meaning of the term intact flesh (lahm).

    The embryo passes through a stage where some parts are in proportion and others out of proportion with what is later to become the individual. This is the obvious meaning of a verse in the chapter al-Hajj, which reads as follows:
    I fashioned (humans) a clinging entity, then into a lump of flesh in proportion and out of proportion. Quran, 22:5.
    Next, we have a reference to the appearance of the senses and internal organs in the chapter as-Sajdah:
    and (God) gave you ears, eyes and hearts. Quran, 32:9
    Nothing here contradicts todays data and, furthermore, none of the mistaken ideas of the time have crept into the Quran. Throughout the Middle Ages there were a variety of beliefs about human development based on myths and speculations which continued for several centuries after the period.

    The most fundamental stage in the history of embryology came in 1651 with Harveys statement that all life initially comes from an egg. At that time, when science had benefited greatly from the invention of the microscope, people were still arguing about the respective roles of the egg and spermatozoon. Buffon, the great naturalist, was one of those in favor of the egg theory.Bonnet, on the other hand, supported the theory of the ovaries of Eve, which stated that Eve, the mother of the human race, was-supposed to have had inside her the seeds of all human beings packed together one inside the other.

    Embryology in Quran

    "Ask the Sheikh" by Musa cerantonio ( Replacing Perfection ...

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    comparison between modern knowledge and passages in the Quran that are also referred to in the Bible.
    We have already come across some of the contradictions between scripture and science regarding the creation of the universe. When dealing with that topic, I stressed the perfect agreement between modern knowledge and verses in the Quran, and pointed out that the Biblical narration contained statements that were scientifically unacceptable.

    This is hardly surprising if we are aware that the narration of the creation contained in the Bible was the work of priests living in the sixth century BC, hence the term sacerdotal ( priestly ) narration is officially used to refer to it. The narration seems to have been conceived as the theme of a sermon designed to exhort people to observe the Sabbath. The narration was constructed with a definite end in view, and as Father de Vaux (a former head of the Biblical School of Jerusalem) has noted, this end was essentially legalist in character.

    The Bible also contains a much shorter and older narration of Creation, the so-called Yahvist version, which approaches the subject from a completely different angle. They are both taken from Genesis, the first book of the Pentateuch or Torah. Moses is supposed to have been its author, but the text we have today has undergone many changes.

    The sacerdotal narration of Genesis is famous for its whimsical genealogies, that go back to Adam, and which nobody takes very seriously. Nevertheless, such Gospel authors as Matthew and Luke have reproduced them, more or less word-for-word, in their genealogies of Jesus. Matthew goes back as far as Abraham, and Luke to Adam. These writings are scientifically unacceptable, because they set a date for the age of the world and the time humans appeared on Earth, which most definitely contradicts what modern science has firmly established. The Quran, on the other hand, is completely free of dates of this kind.

    Earlier on, we noted how perfectly the Quran agrees with modern ideas on the formation of the Universe. On the other hand, the Biblical narration of primordial waters is hardly, nor is the creation of light on the first day before the creation of the stars which produce this light; the existence of an evening and a morning before the creation of the earth; the creation of the earth on the third day before that of the sun on the fourth; the appearance of beasts of the earth on the sixth day after the appearance of the birds of the air on the fifth day, although the former came first. All these statements are the result of beliefs prevalent at the time this text was written and do not have any other meaning.
    Qur'an & Bible In The Light of Science - The Ultimate Dialogue


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    "Ask the Sheikh" by Musa cerantonio ( Happiness In Islam ) ...

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    comparison between the Bible and the Quran; descriptions of the deluge. In actual fact, the Biblical narration is a fusion of two descriptions in which events are related differently. The Bible speaks of a universal flood and places it roughly 300 years before Abraham.
    According to what we know of Abraham, this would imply a universal cataclysm around the twenty-first or twenty-second century BC This story would be untenable, in view of presently available historical data.

    How can we accept the idea that, in the twenty-first or twenty-second century BC, all civilization was wiped off the face of the earth by a universal cataclysm, when we know that this period corresponds, for example, to the one preceding the Middle Kingdom in Egypt, at roughly the date of the first Intermediary period before the eleventh dynasty? It is historically unacceptable to maintain that, at this time, humanity was totally wiped out. None of the preceding statements is acceptable according to modern knowledge. From this point of view, we can measure the enormous gap separating the Bible from the Quran.

    In contrast to the Bible, the narration contained in the Quran deals with a cataclysm that is limited to Noahs people. They were punished for their sins, as were other ungodly peoples. The Quran does not fix the cataclysm in time. There are absolutely no historical or archaeological objections to the narration in the Quran.

    Quran correct Bible Noahs Flood

    Noah's Ark in the bible and the quran

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    Moses was probably born during the reign of Ramesses II. Biblical data. are therefore of considerable historical value in the story of Moses. A medical study of the mummy of Merneptah has yielded further useful information on the possible causes of this pharaohs death.

    The fact that we possess the mummy of this pharaoh is one of paramount importance. The Bible records that pharaoh was engulfed in the sea, but does not give any details as to what subsequently became of his corpse. The Quran, in chapter Yoonus, notes that the body of the pharaoh would be saved from the waters:
    Today I will save your dead body so that you may be a sign for those who come after you. Quran, 10:92
    A medical examination of this mummy, has, shown that the body could not have stayed in the water for long, because it does not show signs of deterioration due to prolonged submersion. Here again, the comparison between the narration in the Quran and the data provided by modern knowledge does not give rise to the slightest objection from a scientific point of view.

    Such points of agreement are characteristic of the Quranic revelation. But, are we throwing the Judeo-Christian revelation into discredit and depriving it of all its intrinsic value by stressing the faults as seen from a scientific point of view? I think not because the criticism is not aimed at the text as a whole, but only at certain passages. There are parts of the Bible which have an undoubted historical value. I have shown that in my book, The Bible, The Quran and Science, where I discuss passages which enable us to locate Moses in time.

    The main causes which brought about such differences as arise from the comparison between the Holy Scriptures and modern knowledge is known to modern scholars. The Old Testament constitutes a collection of literary works produced in the course of roughly nine centuries and which has undergone many alterations. The part played by men in the actual composition of the texts of the Bible is quite considerable.
    The Quranic revelation, on the other hand, has a history which is radically different. As we have already seen, from the moment it was first commto humans, it was learnt by heart and written down during Muhammads own lifetime. It is thanks to this fact that the Quran does not pose any problem of authenticity.

    A totally objective examination of the Quran, in the light of modern knowledge, leads us to recognize the agreement between the two, as has already been noted on repeated occasions throughout this presentation.
    It makes us deem it quite unthinkable for a man of Muhammads time to have been the author of such statements, on account of the state of knowledge in his day. Such considerations are part of what gives the Quranic revelation its unique place among religious and non-religious texts, and forces the impartial scientist to admit his inability to provide an explanation based solely upon materialistic reasoning.
    Such facts as I have had the pleasure of exposing to you here, appear to represent a genuine challenge to human explanation leaving only one alternative: the Quran is undoubtedly a revelation from God.

    Scientific Miracles Of The Holy Quran - Preservation of pharaoh's body in the time of Moses

    Musa (AS) and Firaun (Moses and Pharoah) - Nouman Ali Khan (Full Lecture)

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    All forms of commercial insurance are prohibited due to the elements of gambling and gharar (uncertainty) in its most extreme form that they involve.

    It is impermissible for the Muslim to partake in commercial insurance contracts if they are optional. However, if he has no option and it is mandatory and he could not escape it even by tricks, then he is held in the same legal status of the one compelled to do a prohibited act or neglect an obligation; and the one forcing him to do so bears the sin for it.

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    1 - The Almighty said: (Then He turned to the sky when it was smoke) separated 11:

    - Made these verses in the conference's scientific miracle of the Qur'an, which was held in Cairo, and when he heard a Japanese professor (Yoshidi Kosei) that verse got surprised and said, did not reach science and scientists to the stunning fact only recently, after the cameras caught the satellite strong images and movies live show and a star is composed of a large mass of thick dark smoke and then had (if our information, the former by these movies and live images were based on false hypotheses that the sky was fog) and said (this may be added to the miracles of the Quran miracle Amazing confirmed that you tell about it is the God who created the universe billions of years ago).

    2 - The Almighty said: (not those who disbelieve known that the heavens(sky) and the earth were sewn together) of the Prophets 3:

    - I was stunned scientists in the Islamic Youth Conference held in Riyadh in 1979 peak when they heard the verse and said: It was really the early universe is a nebulous cloud of smoke gas potential contiguous then turned gradually to the millions of millions of stars filled the sky. Then told the American Professor (Palmer), said that what was said can not in any way be attributed to a person who died 1400 years ago because he did not have telescopes and not space ships help to discover these facts, it must be, who told Muhammad is God and has announced Professor (Palmer) his conversion to Islam at the end of the conference.

    3 - The Almighty said: (and made from water every living thing ,do you not believe in) the Prophets 30:

    - And modern science has proven that any organism consists of a high proportion of the water and if he lost 25 percent of its water, it inevitably will die because all chemical reactions within the cells of any living organism is not only in aqueous medium. Where to Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace in this medical information??

    4 - The Almighty said: (and the sky we have built ,and still going wide) 47:

    - And modern science has proved that the sky continuously increase the capacity of it is told Muhammad may Allah bless him and peace of this fact in those times, backward? Would have telescopes and satellites?! Or is it a revelation from God, the Creator of this great universe??? Is not this irrefutable evidence that the Qur'an is God right???

    : .YouTube


    also Christian

    Jhn 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    see here the true meaning



    he Is the founder of Christianity
    Have nothing to do with the true gospel

    - Plaigirism in The Bible YouTube
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    Dr Zakir Naik

    Ask the Sheikh" by Musa cerantonio ( Not Being Isolating ...

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