Click if you must; ignore if you please.

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Thread Topic: Click if you must; ignore if you please.

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    (It may seem "obvious" that WW3 will occur, what with the whole politics and shizzle going on, but you'll certainly remember my name)

    A microchip inserted through the arm & a few other places is going to be mandatory on all people in order to be attended at hospitals, to withdraw money from banks, to buy food, etc. It's already being inserted. If it is possible, avoid getting it inserted. Many can wager that 99% of people will get it, but in the end, it could choose your fate. 2017 will be rough. Maybe not for you, but for many, it will be the year of pain, anguish, and torment.

    >This is just the beginning. Believe if you may, despise if you must.

    **No questions, insults, comebacks, or anything will be answered to. Case closed.

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