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Thread Topic: Your Future Occupation

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    LeahM Junior
    I hopefully aspire for one day my occupation to be a journalist. Not one whose writing is immersed in celebrity mundanity or superficiality, but one that elicits important, interesting, truthful information to the unaware or curious public.

    Yes, writing is key. But within the profession of journalism you can occupy numerous fields. Photography, reporting e.t.c. As well as working behind the camera; editing, designing, directing, e.t.c. Not to mention moral ethics.

    With my inquisitiveness - that has had my lives whittled down to about six - and creativity, I think I have every chance to call myself a journalist - and a photographer, producer, reporter, director, documenterian...
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    Teresa22 Junior
    Jobs I would enjoy or consider
    -Entertainer (singer, actress, etc.)
    -Law (lawyer, police officer, etc.)
    -Author (writing a book dur :P)
    -Doctor (maybe)

    There was another that I can't remember. :P I'll add it if I remember.
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    I want to be an engineer.
    Not just an engineer, but one that can work for more than money. The one that works for good.

    Okay, cut the cheesy crap. An engineer superhero, basically.
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    xforgetXmex Novice
    Entertainer or author
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    OZZYIOMMI Senior
    Musician :P
  • TraptAlone Novice
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Visual artist, manga-ka, voice actor, writer, make-up/costume artist for a theater, translator. And perhaps if I needed the money someone who teaches English to native foreign language speakers.

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