Why did you choose your username to be that name?

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Thread Topic: Why did you choose your username to be that name?

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    Nikki_Knox Experienced
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    Biance Advanced
    That day I got my GTQ account,I found this game I've been looking for called Spyro:Year of the Dragon. Well,my sister found it. I was obbsessed with it that day. When I was making my account,thinking of a name. I thought of the evil witch bunny,Bianca from Spyro. I spelled it wrong and ended up with Biance.
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    Raven11 Junior
    I named myself for two reasons
    1. I like the name raven
    2. I was watching teen titans and raven ish epic
  • lilfreakgryl it's California GURLS not gryls:P I chose my name cuz I love glitter:D my cousin and I glitter ourselves everytime we c each other, and I do it myself sometimes cuz it's fun XD u have 2 use glitter DUST not craft glitter;D
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    hale4456 Junior
    because my birth name is Halenai.... but i get called Hale. and the 4456 is the luky numbers i got in a fortune cookie i had that day
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    Kish Senior
    Kish is my REAL nickname, and i love it...
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    eilloh Experienced
    It's my name backwards.
    It sounds cool.
  • LeahM Novice
    Well, basically my name is Leah and the beginning of my surname starts with the letter M. :D
  • i_love_me Novice
    i love me so whille i was making my account and i was thinking about my day and i said in my mind i was like i love me so i typed it in
  • Grotesque Newbie
    I use my username cause I think its a good word to describe my personality.
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    andrew d Novice
    because my name is andrew
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    xendocheionology means love of hotels...I LOVE HOTELS!
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    harpusrox7 Junior
    Xen did you choose yours or was it your bros account or something

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