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Thread Topic: Drugs

  • germanmade Newbie
    I'm actually really interested about this. Tell meeee~
  • dw1996 Novice
    My mom is a high school health teacher. I'm pretty sure that if I ever touched drugs I'd be six feet under. So there's that. Also I subscribe to the idea that my body is a temple, so I don't want to f--- around with anything that could harm my body in anyway. I should add that as I am typing this I'm shoving a double Baconator down my gullet and chasing it with a biggie sized orange Fanta. So maybe my body isn't quite the temple I make it out to be.
    But to the point, I don't drink or use drugs of any kind.
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    There are plenty of things I'm willing to discuss, but the way I choose to kill myself slowly is not one of them. Sorry, maybe later.
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    CherryBombRiots Advanced
    I just think they're pointless.

    Unhealthy, expensive, problems with the law, emotional and family/friend problems, your brain stops working to it's full potential. Not exactly how I want to spend my life. Besides, I'm a writer. I get high off my ideas and creativity. I just don't see the appeal, honestly.
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    Sports19 Junior
    Hm, reasons I don't do drugs (not in any particular order):
    1) I'm not that much of an idiot (no offense to anyone who does them)
    2) I have a life
    3) I don't wanna ruin my life before it begins
    4) I want to actually get some place in life
    5) I value my health and well being and education
    6) I like my high grades and I don't want to f--- them up
    7) most of the colleges I want to go to I'm pretty sure don't allow drugs
    8) I would like to live a long and healthy life
    9) I would rather not be risking prision or jail
    10) I don't want to be like my idiot of a brother and waste my money on things like cigarettes and alcohol and possibly worse things
    11) I don't want to be like those freaking crack or pot heads in my school
    12) I am determined to not be like my brother (see #10)
    13) I am determined to never smoke or do drugs in my life
    14) in my opinion, there's a pretty damn good reason that this s--- is illegal
    15) I am the good child in my family. The "innocent" one. If I started throwing my life away like this, then my family would dis-own me, let alone I would dis-own myself.
    16) yeah, I like my friends. I would rather not lose them just cuz of f---ing drugs.
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    Kirby Junior
    Pretty much what Cori said (Omg Cori, haven't talked to you in so long what happened?! D:)

    1. Health. Health is really important to me.
    2. I want to be a celebrity role model for younger children such as Selena Gomez etc. Taking drugs ruins the repuatation of a celebrity, and how they appeal to general public.
    3. I want the "good girl" image.
    4. My grades and studies are really important. Drugs could affect my brain and ruin it all.
    5. I don't want to waste my life and throw away so many oppurtunities and dreams.
    6. It's stupid and I have a life.
    7. Oh, and no one will hang out with me if they catch any scent of drugs on my breath. And frankly, I wouldn't hang out with anyone who does drugs, either.
  • i think weed is okay.its just a plant after all,its safer than beer and cigs and even coffee.it can leade to harder drugs like acid and stuff though.
  • germanmade Newbie
    I like these opinions, and I know that this seems unlikely, but I'm a user and still a productive member of society. I don't use often. I have enough self-control to where I just use when I feel it's fine.
  • germanmade Newbie
    Also... Doing drugs doesn't keep you from getting anywhere you get in life. I mean, I've got A's and B's in high school, I'm a successful artist and writer and there's nothing really wrong with me. I mean, you can actually be productive.

    It's about strength and priorities. Are you dumb enough to sell your car for coke or do you just wait for your friends to supply it?
  • germanmade Newbie
    And yes, weed is actually not harmful. It's true, it's less harmful than cigarettes and alchohol. It doesn't cause cancer or affect your organs.

    The only real problem with weed is that it slows your thinking process and can cause you to make bad decisions when you're high.

    There are no proven long term effects.
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    Ironbutterfly Experienced
    I "use". But I'm absolutely fine. I pass in school, I have a life. I just play well.
  • germanmade Newbie
    You know, I noticed that you stated "no offense to anyone who does [drugs]" but... You insult drug users multiple times... You also seem to make everything based on the judgement of SOME users.

    Most drug users go on a downward spiral. Smarter users can control. You don't hear about that though. Of course you wouldn't. Do you know why? Because they are hiding in plain sight. They won't get caught because they're productive members of society who seem least likely to do them.

    I digress. You shouldn't insult people just because they make decisions that you don't agree with.
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    Ironbutterfly Experienced
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    I'm a 'user' but I do it the way germanmade does. I'm not stupid about it and I know my limits. I also get decent grades in school and am an artist and musician.

    And I also have a job and a social life thank you kindly for the insult, sports.
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    rascal1178 Advanced
    I don't do drugs simply because I'm already high enough as it is. My hyper-ness has no end. Besides, just being around drugs of any sort gives me a major headache since I am extremely sensitive to smells. A dude across the street from me smokes weed in his room and I can always tell because I can smell it all the way from my house. The whole neighborhood can since he does so much at one time, but they don't get headaches like I do.

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