U.S. Senate Minnesota General Election 2020 (November)

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Thread Topic: U.S. Senate Minnesota General Election 2020 (November)

  • politicsboy26 Newbie
    Democrats finally did well in minnesota's senate seat part II
    where al franken resigned and tina smith got appointed by
    the former minnesota governor and target store founder is mark dayton.
  • politicsboy26 Newbie
    Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) up for reelected to her
    another full term in 2020,

    up for reelection in 2026.
  • politicsboy26 Newbie
    Thanks to the suburban women voters and
    young voters do turnout big for smith in a
    heavily democratic seat.

    Hillary clinton carried that seat in 2016.
  • politicsboy26 Newbie
    Sometimes Trump can energized democrats too.
  • politicsboy26 Newbie
    Democratic base is already enthusiastic.
  • politicsboy26 Newbie
    Democrats need to start build their momentum in 2020
  • politicsboy26 Newbie
    Democratic party will unify.
    again, democrats need to start building their momentum in 2020 election to compete everywhere in every states and
    every races. we love the democratic party.
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    Faceless Knight Advanced
    if you leave the big citys MN gets pretty darn red.

    also Mark Dayton didn't found target. his great grandfather did.

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