I can't tell were this would go but I'm just gonna put it

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Thread Topic: I can't tell were this would go but I'm just gonna put it

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    d_h Advanced
    Could people stop disrespecting religions and beliefs? the Two precise ones being Islam and Christianity.

    I have noticed over time that over time booth Liberals and Conservatives are both at fault and it's really disappointing

    Let's Start off with Islam. a big majority (not all) of Conservatives tend to use many Derogatory terms towards Islam.

    "Towelheads, Bombers, Goat fukers etc." So disappointing that I have to see you guys actually treat them like they are all terrorist just because we have a bunch of groups that are extremist attacking Europe and the USA. That is uncivil.

    Now for The Liberals who think I was sticking with them with that one paragraph. A big chunk (not all) of you all are the most hypocritical people I Have heard a lot of you shaming Christians. Heck, I'm Christain and One morning I Opened up Social Media and I saw Trump's tweet about giving his thought's and prayers then Boom People say tons of hurtful things not just to trump but the religion itself. Thus there was the trend born which is #f---yourprayers which is Disgusting.
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    I have seen much of this on social media, and your right, everything people say about these religions is wrong. I myself, dont affiliate with any religions, but seeing that people who do have to put up with this is horrible. The main reason, I Think, that people disrespect religions nowadays is becouse people like ISIS are making it into a bad name. If you go back in time youll see almost all religions are very peaceful.
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    ello Advanced
    Personally, I don't go on socials that often. I mainly use them for private messaging. But I do see this irl. At my school, we have an Islamic teacher that teacher math intervention (supposed to help us in math(?))People will say she's bald or stupid stuff like that. One time, the class was so quiet you could hear the clock ticking. A student thought it was a bomb, and ran from class. And Christians, I have not seen treated badly, since you (for the most part )can't tell someone's a Christian just by looking at them.
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    d_h Advanced
    You cant tell by looking at them, yes but most are not afraid to show it.

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