Who handles disasters better?

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Thread Topic: Who handles disasters better?

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    unstopablepanda3 Experienced


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    1714 Senior
    redneck incorporating political propaganda for the lulz
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    1714 Senior
    someone could reverse the logic and use this picture of Obama and then the next would be a picture of Trump playing golf

    this thread is just useless f a g g o t r y made by a dumb--- totally ignorant of the whole false dichotomy of this

    (thanks Obama!)
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    rvelez Hot Shot
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    Hazelbear Junior
    Lol 1714 roasted ya bad
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    1 Twilight Fan Experienced
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    funniebunnie01 Hot Shot
    Honestly, exactly what 1714 said. With just those simple pictures you can't have a valid argument that one is better with natural disasters than the other.

    I don't have a preference on either president (or in this case possible president) but posting something like this, saying that one is better than the other at a certain thing, with literally nothing to back up your claim is utterly useless and rather idiotic in a debate.

    No offence .

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