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    rvelez Hot Shot
    thats not true. I used her make y'all jealous. thats also nut okay, clearly, but I didnt solely used her to torment you two. my real intention when using her was so it didnt seem like I was alone. you guys don't have to forget about all the bad things ive said to y'all. im not asking y'all to. and yeah, it doesn't change anything, but im not going to let my past mistakes determine and define who I am right now.
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    rvelez Hot Shot

    *her to make
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    PointlessDreams Advanced
    Making us jealous did make us feel like we weren't good enough. Same difference, still SUPER f---ed up, still hurt us a lot. Your actions do define you and it isn't all that far in the past. You did it for YEARS.

    But at least you see how f---ed up what you did was. Again, therapy. You really need some help.

    Goodnight. I'm done with this. Please never speak to Jill and I again, or about us, as you have traumatized us so much that the mention of you makes us sick to our stomachs.

    Have a nice life, Rosio. Good luck.
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    rvelez Hot Shot
    okay then.

    I'll do y'all a favor and never come on here again.
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    Shattered Glass Advanced
    I'm sorry for bumping your thread, but I do want to apologize for how I handled the situation. I should have warned you that I was going to ban you. I also probably should have been the one to explain the reasons. Though, I do hope you understand that consent can be taken away over time. I had felt comfortable enough to co-exist at first, but as time went on, I didn't feel safe anymore.

    I am aware that I should have done better. I will keep this situation in mind if something like this ever comes up again, and I will not let my emotions cloud my better judgement.

    If you feel the need to discuss this further, I can unblock you for the sake of a discussion (strictly regarding the ban and nothing else). Otherwise, I have nothing more to say. I will leave you alone from here on out, as I had been.

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