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    The Chronicler: That's a little barbaric now isn't it
    Radioactive Rose
    Radioactive Rose: Nope.
    The Chronicler
    The Chronicler: I mean, are you in contact with the rose or is it contained?
    Radioactive Rose
    Radioactive Rose: Dafuq you talking about, holmes? :')
    The Chronicler
    The Chronicler: You're radioactive rose, how you doing with it?
    Radioactive Rose
    Radioactive Rose: .....

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    posting this here from laptop so i can work on it during my break

    Alias: Thatcher, Rueben, Fletcher, T, Bean
    Current Age: 22
    Life Status: Alive
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Birthdate: June 10
    Birthplace: Outskirts of Aurora
    Blood Type: O
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Relationship: Single
    Occupation: Illusionist, necromancer, thaumaturgist, conjurer, con artist
    Figure/body type: Lean
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Cyan
    Left/ Right handed: Right
    Favorite color: Electric Blue
    Good, Neutral or Bad?: Neutral
    Distinguishing feature : Glowing cyan eyes
    Magic/Special Abilities/skills:


    Mate/Partner: N/A
    Children: N/A
    Siblings: None
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    So let's start with the parents. Without the parents, Vernon wouldn't be here. :')

    Vernon's mother's background:

    There once was a young princess named Rhianwen Nadine Alouette. She was the only daughter of the Queen and King of Aurora, so they were of course... kind of hard and over protective of her. She understood why they treated her that way so for her, it was okay.
    Time passed and her parents started to get nervous, impatient and anxious for Rhianwen. Why? Rhianwen was beautiful and smart.. but she had no partner. No boyfriend. No husband. No one. Her parents were scared if they died, Rhianwen would be alone and unable to bear any children to keep the royal family going. So with that, they seek for a partner (behind Rhianwen's back). And of course it didn't take look for the witty princess to find out. In fact, she wasn't upset or angry at them. She also wished to have someone by her side. Someone who would love her.

    But it wasn't simple.

    Rhianwen's parents held balls, gatherings, parties.. but Rhianwen still couldn't find the right man for her. Her parents grew all the more impatient to the point they started forcing her to meet young men (from other kingdoms) privately and upfront. With that, Rhianwen started to get frustrated toward her parents. She explained to them that she wanted to be with a man that was humble and loyal to her, not a man who had it all and only wanted to marry her for power. And to her surprise, her parents understood.. to an intent.

    Rhianwen then took a break and decided to patiently wait for the right man to come to her instead.. And he sure did. On a perfect evening, there was a ball. Of course she participated, but only to conversate. She had no intention to find her man but all of a sudden she stumbled upon one who was raw in character. A man who clearly was nothing compared to someone who grew as a royal/noble. In other words: a commoner. A peasant. A lowly man who was interested in attending the ball.

    Vernon's father's background:

    Before Garrins Vernon Claiborne met Rhianwen, he was married to another woman named Joan Aphrodite. In fact, his real name was Garrins Vernon "Wright"! His relationship with Joan was not the best, but they managed to have a child named Darryl Crowley Wright. Though, they didn't know that they would struggle with raising a lonely boy of their own in the condition they were in. They weren't rich, in fact they lived in a terribly constructed home no where near any other house. They had no neighbors but the trees.

    As Darryl grew up, he became even more lonely and desperate for a friend. Garrins felt terrible for his son and decided to give him a sibling. Wait. But no. He told Joan about the problem but she refused to give him another child. He begged her for his son's sake but she was still against it. And little by little, Garrins witnessed his own son slip into a depression. He refused to eat and interact even with them and Garrins was majorly worried for his health. It wasn't long until he decided to find a therapist named Garrett Twain, who was also like a father figure to Darryl. And Garrins was pleased.. sorta. He grew angry at Joan and they would occasionally argued and had fights. There would also be times when Garrins would just disappear for days, even weeks, just to avoid Joan.

    But one day, Garrins just broke. He was sick of seeing his own son struggle and he was disgusted at his own wife. He divorced her and completely left in hopes that Twain would restore Darryl instead.

    After the divorce, he changed his last name as a way to feel a new start and traveled to the kingdom Aurora, where he eventually attended a ball to lift up his own depression. And that's where he met Rhianwen.

    okaaayyyy... soooo. Here we go with the juicy stuff.

    Rhianwen admired Garrins. She loved everything about him and she pitied him for having to deal with Joan. She actually offered to give him a home here with his son, and Garrins was appalled. As much as he wanted to bring Darryl over, he knew it would be best for him to stay with his therapist. Not to mention, he needed a break. Rhianwen understood and they bonded all night. It wasn't just that night, either. They made plans afterwards and it wasn't long til they started dating. It wasn't right away, though!
    Garrins was surprised the princess of Aurora was interested in him and it was hard to believe he was in a relationship with her, and Rhianwen was happy she met the perfect man.

    The relationship deepened and it grew serious with time. Rhianwen's parents were finally pleased and although they didn't approve of Garrins because of his status, they got over it for Rhianwen.
    Garrins eventually proposed to Rhianwen and she accepted it. They spent time alone happy for quite some time, he also occasionally visited Darryl, but it wasn't long til Rhianwen had a son with Garrins. Of course, they named him after Garrins' middle name; Vernon French Claiborne!

    Okay, so Vernon grew up spoiled. He gained everyone's attention and he was adored by Crown Voight, the highest "guardian dragon" that protects and keeps peace between kingdoms. Crown suggested the idea of Vernon having a personal guardian and Rhianwen quickly took action to find him a guardian, and she entrusted that position to a young man named Sephiro Kincaid. She also went her way to make allies with many kingdoms so he would make princely friends (xD). Vernon befriended young princes Gehenna Seymour, Germany Averill, and later Maddox Hollis. As well as princesses Lorraine Orville and Rinder Elston. All from different kingdoms. Crazy, right?

    Garrins was happy to see Rhianwen's attempts to help his new son make friends, but deep inside he was still traumatized and reminded of Joan's heartless actions towards Darryl. In fact, Rhianwen was the opposite of Joan. She wanted to have another child and sure enough she had a second son named Elroy Benji Claiborne. The only problem was that Elroy eventually took Vernon's spotlight and Rhianwen thought Elroy would be a much better heir than Vernon. At first this didn't bother Vernon, but as they grew up, it got worse. All of Vernon's friends easily befriended Elroy (even though Elroy didn't wanted friends lol) and he also got his own guardian named Reginald Powel, but Vernon's guardian would occasionally look after Elroy as well. Sephiro actually taught both of them how to handle swords and raised them more than Elroy's own guardian.

    Vernon was part of the "butterfly" group, a name they (as children) came up with (the butterfly group consist of Vernon as the leader, Elroy, Germany, Gehenna, Rinder, Lorraine and Maddox) and all of them became extremely close. Unfortunately, Prince Gehenna was starting to grow distant and Elroy and Vernon grew worried for their friend.

    **Side note: Gehenna is the second prince of Atlas with an older brother. Gehenna's parents didn't like how Gehenna acted (because he was mentally unstable) and so they abused him physically and verbally. The abusive actions towards him made him withdraw from his friends. In fact, it got so terrible he actually ran away.
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    Cheesus chrust, man. This crush is unbearable. No f---ing shet, I like you. Too bad I can't have you.
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    Okay, forget it. I should sleep now.
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    Slaine: I'm going to say this because I am fond of you: you are. You really are... And I want to partake of you if you know what I mean..


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    b---- ain't no slayer.

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    Oh... My... Heavens..
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    I got a f---ing idea broh
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    I mean
    I should've thought of this sooner!!!!
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    I'm gonna bring Slaine back, man.
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    Watch. Me.

    He's gonna take over Fang since Fang is hopeless.
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    yus bby
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    I like that idea! ^^

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