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Thread Topic: Demigod rp

  • moonstone Newbie
  • moonstone Newbie
    Godly Parent:Hermes

    that's all I have.
  • Aurora Newbie
    What? Demigod RP? Okay, um...
    Name: Mia (Aurora is my cover name)
    Age: 13...yeah
    Eyes: Grayish blue
    Hair: Brown
    Godly Parent: Athena
    Weapon: Dagger & Sword

    Was this okay? For me to put in, I mean?
  • Name: Xander
    Age: 12
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: rainbow
    Clothes: mostly yellow
    Godly Parent: Apollo
    Weapon: single-handed sword
  • moonstone Newbie
    sure,oh,and Rikki usually wears whatever she finds in her closet
  • you start moon
  • absol heart Novice
    ( hallo! mind if i play as a character further into the story? not right now. i mean like after a while. also, ill be doing this on computer. so not as many misspells! ^.^)
  • moonstone Newbie
  • moonstone Newbie

    yes,I'm finally leaving.thought Rikki as she was quietly creeping past the fences of her mothers mansion.She wanted to get out of Virginia,she wanted to go to new york.After she passed the gates,she ran.
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    absol heart Novice
    ? why stop?)
  • moonstone Newbie
    don't know what to wright.

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