Mike and DC only.

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Thread Topic: Mike and DC only.

  • Back! :)
  • DCgirl Novice
  • Hi! How are you? :)
  • DCgirl Novice
    I'm good, you?
  • Feeling a bit like a dumdum lol. But mostly good. :)
  • DCgirl Novice
    lol why do you feel like a dumdum?
  • Cuz I bought a game I cant play lol.
  • Aurora Newbie
  • DCgirl Novice
    why can't you play it?
  • Aurora: Please get out.
  • Cuz I dont have a 3ds.
  • DCgirl Novice
    wow ur smart :)
  • Yep! Lol. :) I really wanted to play it too, but oh well. Im here. :)
  • DCgirl Novice
    now I have to go ttyl.
  • Oh, ok. Ttyl, love ya!

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