Weird friend stories

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Thread Topic: Weird friend stories

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    Carri04 Novice
    I got two,

    I'm Allergic To My Friend


    me: hi!


    me: wtf *nose nodules swell up and can't breathe through nose* O.E

    *aaron leaves*

    me: *nose nodules go back to normal* oh grief -.-


    The Grasshopper

    *me, lea, n jazzy practicing for Drama*

    (I am crazy hobo)
    (lea is normal business woman)
    (jazzy is bug girl, sadly she found an actual grasshopper and i'm allergic to it...and she knows i'm scared of all bugs she likes to torture me.)

    jazz: HEHEHE *grasshopper on leaf and moving closer to ting*

    me: no..please, im serious!!

    jazz: *moves closer faster*

    me: NO NO NO *close to tears* PLEASE NO!

    jaz: *still moving closer*

    me: GET AWAY!!! *runs like hell, two people sitting in the hall watch me run away and are thinking "WTF."*
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    Carri04 Novice
    sorry, "puncracker" not pun
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    Biance Novice
    My friend and I:*Running for no reason*


    My friend:...sses...

    My friend and I:*Cracking up*
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    Carri04 Novice
    LOL! sad thread, no one posted but Biance
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    Sisi Novice
    XD lmfao, my friends and i have so many funny moments, so i'll just post a couple

    Well, we were on our way back to St. Joseph from Holdingford after a volleyball game, it was a back road and Kelsey says,"Look at all those black cows." And I say, "Racist."

    I read this book called Jumping The Scratch and this old man called Old Grey tries to mollest this boy and our guy teacher is always hugging like Brady and Keith (wierd boys in my class last year) so me and Kelsey called him Old Grey.

    I was over at Brittany's house and we were jumping on her couch and running from her pyshco dog named Bella who was trying to kill us all. Then as Brittany was jumping on the couch Makalla let Bella out (because we were suppose to be in the fort we made by then) and we were all in our fort when Brittany got her foot stuck in the couch and Bella was attacking her XDDDD lol, it was so funny
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    lilfreakgryl Newbie
    Yuu guys are lucky that yuur friends are willing to do cra-z fun things.
    Mine would never do anything fun cra-z things... They think it would be retarded... *sigh*
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    Sisi Novice
    i ish sorry lil *hugz* that meanz you gotz to be the fun one

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