Friday The Thirteenth

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Thread Topic: Friday The Thirteenth

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    Teresa22 Junior
    What most people would consider bad, happened to me and yet I don't feel unlucky.

    For example:
    -I have a burn (got today)
    -I got yelled at for saying there's a school dance today (by my mom)
    -My leg hurt very bad throughout the day, I have no clue why
    -I was harassed by a little kid
    -I couldn't think at all while trying to write a report
    -I had to bring home all my binders and my sister refused to open the door (to the house)
    -I got yelled at for saying I like my outfit (again by my mom)
    -I was pushed at the dance and fell on my knee (of the good leg) so now both legs hurt
    -I was rejected by a friend (this one doesn't bug me much)
    -I forgot something after leaving the dance and had to go back (which made my dad mad)

    These are just very small things that some people might find "unlucky" or "bad" but surprisingly, even though all this stuff happened, I'm, what's the word, confident. I feel no bad luck at all really.
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    ShUdduP Novice
    =O oww aww oww owwwo owwww :(
    my friend was really freaked out about fri the 13th and she nearly got ran over when we were walkin to school,
    - lost her report now she has a D in science
    - got dumped.
    - a bird pooped on her hair. :0-->puke
    - she coudnt get it out
    - we couldnt get it out
    - she went home early to take a shower and missed a huge test :) but the teacher said no retakes even if u werent there >:|
    - she dropped her phone on the cement and the screen cracked.
    - she started cryin :'(
  • smartgirl115 Junior
    :( >XO

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