Discord Invite + Useful Threads

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Thread Topic: Discord Invite + Useful Threads

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    Note: This Discord is user-run and does not follow the same rules of the website.

    There is a verification system in place. You will have to submit a screenshot or photo of you posting to the forums in the verification channel. You will not be able to view any other channels until you complete this process.
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    mcqueen Senior
    24h Thread
    A thread for everyone to chat in, any time. Get to know other users here.

    Personal Thread Directory
    Post a link to your personal thread(s) for easy access.

    Alt Account Directory
    If you have alternate (secondary) accounts, and you want people to know they're yours, post them here.
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    mcqueen Senior
    Quiz Advertisement
    Advertise your quizzes here.

    Poll Advertisement
    Advertise your polls here.

    RP Advertisement
    Advertise your roleplays here.
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    mcqueen Senior
    Testing Thread
    Use this thread to test whatever you'd like!

    Post Clearing/Blank Post
    If you want to spam blank posts or clear posts from your account, feel free to use this thread.
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    mcqueen Senior
    Bragging Thread
    Brag about your accomplishments.

    Self Love
    Share your favorite positive, calming images and quotes.

    Ranting (alternatively, Venting)
    When you're frustrated and just need to yell, take to these threads. Note that topics should be forum appropriate.
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    mcqueen Senior
    Mod Check-In
    Your main source of information on what's gone down on the site, activity status of moderators, and cute pet pics. Updated every day around 12:00 AM EST.

    Mod Guidelines
    A list of guidelines and actions that will be taken for specific circumstances. Anything not directly covered by the 10 forum rules that still needs moderation has been listed here.

    F&U Important Thread Directory
    A thread containing links to threads that will allow you to do the following:

    -Threads to be unlocked or locked
    -Thread or post deletion
    -Permission to report posts

    -Trolls or rule-breaking posts
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    mcqueen Senior
    Bonus Thread
    Click for a silly surprise.
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    Thread Topic: Daily reminder to take your medication
    A helpful way for everyone to remind each other.

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