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    basically since we’ve been split into tEaChiNg gRoUps everyone’s found newer friends apart from a few. Me and my best friend, who were gonna call Zoe (that’s not her name) have been best friends since year 7. so i also used to talk to another girl called may (again not her name) and we got put into the same 2 groups so we got to know each other better. So me may and Zoe started hanging out and it was slightly awkward bc May and Zoe didn’t know each other. then we all bonded really well. once we found out that fantastic beasts 2 was gonna be released on mays birthday (yesterday) we planned to go and watch it. i already knew that i wasn’t able to go so i rolled with it. i eventually dropped out of the idea of going with them to watch it. ever since they’ve been getting really close and i feel a bit left out. they’ve gone to watch it today as we speak. I decided to share a document with them so I can tell them how I really feel. idfk what Zoe’s reactions gonna be as we’ve had a few ups and downs before so I’m really stuck.
    god f---ing help us all

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