Shadow's castle

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Thread Topic: Shadow's castle

  • Hello
  • Clara Ford Newbie
    Hey guys, have you tried any of my quizzes yet? I don't think anyone has. I've only tested them to make sure they work.
  • No quizzes habe been added
  • Clara Ford Newbie
    I made two quizzes. They're in the new quiz section on the bottom right of the home page. Scroll through and you'll see Will Raiden Marry You? and Which Fighter's Theme Do You Have?
  • Alright you can link them to your profile
  • Clara Ford Newbie
    Ok. I have to find that option first.
  • It should show up when you click on your profile
  • Clara Ford Newbie
    One's done. But as for the other one, I dumbly lost the password or something. You can still find it by searching for the name: "Which Fighter's Theme Do You Have?" Sorry. I'm new to this.
  • Alright
    It's been awhile since someone besides me as been here
  • Clara Ford Newbie
    Well, I'm glad we could chat for a bit. Thanks!
  • Welcome to chat anytime
  • Clara Ford Novice
    Hey. You're probably eating lunch or whatever right now, but can I ask you something? Are you a dude or a girl?
  • Dude
  • avatar
    Clara Ford Novice
    Cool. So, then. would it be weird if I said I have a crush on you? If it is, then, just pretend I didn't ask that...

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