is cold

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Thread Topic: is cold

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    MyEternalRage Advanced
    51 degrees outside
    sitting on cold concrete doesn't help but y'all have no idea the lengths I will go to sit alone and away from people
    this morning I sat outside on the ground while it was raining underneath a narrow awning outside the athletic building while I ate my breakfast because it was the only place I could find where people weren't walking in and out and my butt got soaked as a result
    I'm inside now
    but sitting on the floor again
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    Sniperlazy Junior
    Floors are comfy
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    breadboy69 Experienced
    Aw D:
    That does sound relaxing though, I like the rain
    But I don't like when my butt gets wet :(
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    51 here too, but that's not cold.
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    Sniperlazy Junior
    *does some conversion* roughly 92 here its 10 pm

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