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Thread Topic: smosh

  • xx_love_xx Novice
    dose anyone else like smosh? if you dont know what it is then you can go to or look on youtube
  • smosh or mosh? i like to mosh... smosh??? im gonna look it up!
  • xx_love_xx Novice
    smosh is 2 guys that make vedios and they kinda act gay but they are so funny
  • i saws it! hahahaha!!!! it was hilarious!!!!!!!
  • xx_love_xx Novice
    which one did you see?
  • the 1 when anthony had to take care of a fake baby for the sociology class!
  • xx_love_xx Novice
    oh that 1 is funny i saw all of them my favorites are cat soup and Ians first girl friend
  • oh! i didnt see those 1s!!! hahaha!
  • Anastasia Novice
    I gotta see this! *tries to slip self in two so I can go to youtube and gotoquiz at once*
  • hahahaha!!! hows that workin out for you?
  • Anastasia Novice
    *runs to science labitory where I get cloned* Now there's two Anastasias!
  • xx_love_xx Novice
    u should watch them them all or most of them i think they are all funny
  • hahaha! awesome!!!!
  • Anastasia Novice
    Oh no! I think my clone is evil!
    Clone: there's not enough room for two of us in the world... *she grabs a gun*
  • xx_love_xx Novice
    omg!! lmfao!!

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