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    Kirby Junior
    I love Up All Night and One Thing. Most of their songs are catchy.

    LOL okay...?
  • Moonstone13 Novice
    One Direction sucks.
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    Sports19 Novice
    Moonstone- thats nice -_-

    April- LOL, nice :P

    Kirby- i love the song I Shouldve Kissed You

    My favorite songs by them are:
    1) Forever Young
    2) Live While Were Young
    3) I Shouldve Kissed You
    4) Same Mistakes
    5) Stand Up
    6) Na Na Na
    7) More Than This
    8) I Want
    9) Stole My Heart
    10) I Wish
    Yea lol. I had to put my top 10 down :P
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    scolionophobia Experienced
    if i had to do an top ten, i would die, trying to decide number 1
  • Likeaboss Novice
    You know what moonstone? They dont suck, you just wish they did so you could get some. But guess what? They dont so you remain forever alone, you loser. ^-^ I know that One Direction rocks, but you dont have to express your love for them so sexually xD BOOM! I just twisted your comment like a boss!
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    Sports19 Novice
    Lol april XD
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    Moyashi Senior
    Funny thing, they do suck. -.-
    Most current American music sucks.
  • Likeaboss Novice
    Moyashi- I'm not going to argue with you because you are actually a cool seeming person and I dont want to ruin a potential friendship over some band. I only said what I said to moonstone because he really pissed me of beforehand ^-^
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    Moyashi Senior
    I believe a noob like moonstone can't say shit about music unless they have a legit reason or have something better. :I
    I've had a Kiwamu attitude all week. Meaning I've been calling stuff out and not caring if someone was offended. My opinions stand unless proven with good reasoing that they should change.
  • Likeaboss Novice
    I haven't been offended by anything you have said this week...
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    Moyashi Senior
    I've been doing it more in school than online.
  • Hi i'm back and the questions I'm really sorry can you forgive me
  • Oh ya the sorry note that's for shyler and can I be friends with you ? Yes or no
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    Sage Parson Junior
    Its SKYLER.
  • Oh ya sorry

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