This is good music.

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Thread Topic: This is good music.

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    Moyashi Advanced
    Include song title please, because I may have certain songs on my iPod already and I can't watch a bunch of videos all the time. ;-;

    Gackt - Redemption

    SuG - Toy Soldier

    Versailles - Destiny The Lovers

    Diaura - s---su Tsubasa No Seiiki

    I'll find some American stuff for you Asian haters later. :P Even though I prefer jrock over anything.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    xD I was just listening to the first song before I fell asleep.

    This'll be a mix of Asian and Western.

    VII-Sense - Black Bird
    I'd also check out Dystopia by them.

    Fever Ray - When I Grow Up
    Swedish hippie with some great music. xD

    Florence and the Machine - Heartlines
    Anything by her is great, she's my vocal hero. xD

    Miyavi - Selfish Love
    He's one of my favorite guy singers, and guitarists. He has such a fun spirit and talent. ^_^

    Gackt - Mizerable
    I love him, he's wunderbar. ^^

    X Japan - Endless Rain
    The Japanese seem to sing with their heart so much. That's one reason I love it, so much passion.

    X Japan - Tears
    Another beautiful song.
  • tongue Advanced
    Breakdown- Seether
    It's a song that actually means something, it isn't random garbage.

    Now You've Got Something to Die For- Lamb of God
    Pure metal bliss.

    Prayer- Disturbed
    Again, something that has real meaning.

    People=s---- Slipknot
    Again, pure metal bliss.

    One- Metallica
    Really emotional, really thought-provoking, just an all around strong piece.

    Killing In The Name- Rage Against the Machine
    f--- you I won't do what you tell me! That says it all.

    Be Quiet and Drive- Deftones
    I love this band. The melody on this song is haunting.

    Faget- Korn
    Pure, raw emotion. Listen to it when your fist is about to go through a wall.

    War?- System of a Down
    Super heavy, thought-provoking. Basically SOAD in a nutshell.
  • tongue Advanced
    Holiday in Cambodia- Dead Kennedys
    Absolutely neccessary to all political punk junkies.

    Out of Step- Minor Threat
    I don't drink, smoke, or f---, but I can still f---ing think!

    Back in Black- AC-DC
    It's AC f---ing DC. How can you hate that?

    Landslide- Fleetwood Mac
    One of the best songs ever written, period.

    Six Pack- Black Flag
    It's about isolation and substance abuse, so you know it's good!

    Mouth of War- Pantera
    The sound of your face being smashed on concrete!

    Tool- AEnema
    It's a bulls---, three ring circus sideshow of freaks and losers in this hopeless f---ing hole we call L.A. The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any f---ing time, any f---ing day. Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay.

    Sublime- Garden Grove
    Living in a tweaker pad...gettin' yelled at by my dad...pretending I'm happy when I'm not...finding roaches in the pot.
  • jack10cool Newbie
    eminem - Lose yourself
    travie mcoy - I wanna be a billionare
    eminem - Halies song
    eminem - f---
    eminem - Mockingbird
    (IM A BIG EMINEM FAN!!!!!!!)

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