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Thread Topic: what???

  • tongue Advanced
    My concern is so much being forced to listen to s--- music, it's the fact that people like s--- music.
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    harpusrox7 Novice
    sorry i was hyper when i made up that question
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    OZZYIOMMI Experienced
    All the mainstream stuff. So pretty much almost all of radio today.
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    heyilikepie Novice
    Rolling in the deep- Adele
    i'm getting so sick of that song :P
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    tazia101 Novice
    A lot of the songs people are saying should be banned are awesome. It's my opinion there should be everything out there. You choose the radio station. If you don't like, I dunno, popular music, go to a radio station that specialized in non-popular music. And there should be more non-mainstream music stations out there. All the ones who claim to be punk or stuff like that is just a bunch of white boys trying to sound tough. >:(
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    madid Novice
    Pitbull is a poser.

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