Most recent movie you have watched?

Thread Topic: Most recent movie you have watched?

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    Viktor Advanced
    The handmaiden
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    The Lion King live action remake.

    I actually liked it. The only thing I didn't like was the way Be Prepared was sung. Not because it was different, the song is fine. I just don't understand why they didn't just sing the original like every other song. Other than that, good movie.
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    goodgirlo Novice
    Monsters Inc.

    The Incredibles

    Ice Age
  • Wackogirl Newbie
    Um, I think A Charlie Brown Christmas. (All because of my little brother.)
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    therealminime Senior
    Avengers Endgame
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    therealminime Senior
    It: Chapter Two
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    Clara Ford Novice
    Big Hero 6
    I love that movie
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    Stardust1 Advanced
    Men in Black (which ive never seen till now)
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    Cloud Atlas
  • Pink Velvet 3 - A Lesbian Odyssey
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    bellagirl Advanced
    It chapter two
    Lion king???

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