Poems From My Poem Book.

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Thread Topic: Poems From My Poem Book.

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    Zane Is Here Experienced

    The cages were rusted
    The fire was the only light.
    The magic was gone,
    and loud screams were heard all around.
    Screams, of pain
    and sorrow,
    because of the darkness inside.
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    Zane Is Here Experienced

    I heard the screams.
    The rabbit ran screaming,
    "I'm late! I'm late!"
    I wanted to ask him,
    "Where are you going?"
    But the fear rushed over me.
    I walked, walked until a saw a sign.
    And in terror, in blood letters,it spelled out
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    Zane Is Here Experienced

    If I were to hold out my heart,
    would you take it with no thought,
    Or would you leave it there to die?
    Would you take it and run
    or would you just leave it there,
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    Zane Is Here Experienced
    The Pain

    Sitting in a small black corner Drowning in my tears Wash a way the blood You opened, beating through my skin

    What did I do to deserve such torture? What made you want to hurt me so bad? It seemed you loved me at first But the bruises led my mind to think otherwise

    I cry myself to sleep each night Hoping you would stop The pain is exploding inside of me But the tears and screaming pleasure you

    Won't you stop?
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    Zane Is Here Experienced
    Best Friend.

    Your there for me
    When I need to most
    Your there for me
    Even when I don't

    I give you hugs
    And say nice things
    But did I mention
    Your like a sister to me?

    Best friends stick together
    Until the very end
    And you, my dear,
    Bring me back to life again

    I love the way you smile
    And talk the way you do
    You are my best friend
    Until the very end
    But you don't even know it.
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    Orange Fusion Novice
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    Orange Fusion Novice
    My fave is 'Wonderland' and 'The Pain'
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    Flight Junior
    I really like "Alone" and "Wonderland" :)
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    FireSoul Experienced
    So beautiful :")

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