I wrote these awhile ago..

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Thread Topic: I wrote these awhile ago..

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    takos_rule Junior
    Is there someplace where its easy to start over with the one you hold so dear? Or is this how its meant to be? If butterflies are meant to fly free, why must they fly away? So every night on my dreams, I see you and thats how I know your still there, where ever you are. True love was when I loved you, and my love will always go on. I still remember how I held you and I hope to see you again. Far across the distance, and spaces between us, near, far where ever you are just know I still love you. Once more your here in my heart and my heart will last longer. When your here theres nothing I fear. It should stay that way forver and your safe on my heart. And I'll never forget you~
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    takos_rule Junior
    The flame on the candle is gone
    Disappeared in a heartbeat
    The birds no longer sing
    As if they share me soroow
    I made the world stop, mine atleast

    However I wear my mask,
    The smiling, joyful one, to hide my face
    Underneath Im dying slowly
    Everyone only sees my disguise
    While Im the only one who knows

    My eyes, pink from crying
    My everlasting smile, turned upside down
    Laughs soon become screams instead
    Teddy, the only thing that fills my epmty arms
    I send distress signals, yet no one reaches them

    Hoping the pain goes away
    Even if I have no hope left
    Slowly I grip reality, recovering
    Its been awhile since I smiled
    It feels good, and the mask becomes real
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    Those are good. I think you're talented :P
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    takos_rule Junior
    Thank You c:
  • mcr111 Novice
    oh wow your really good...:)
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    takos_rule Junior
    Awh, thank chu :D
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    luv98 Novice
    i love them
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    takos_rule Junior
    Thanks Luv~! :D

    But thats not it, Im putting more up later..
  • TraptAlone Novice
    They're good. Can you read mine?
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    takos_rule Junior
    Sometimes I never say the right thing,
    Sometimes I make mistakes,
    Sometimes I have no idea what to do,
    Sometimes I take things the wrong way,
    Sometimes I act like a total retard,
    Sometimes I just want to disappear,
    Wanna know a little secret?
    Sometimes I just don't give a crap.
  • Fairygal Novice
    Wow... So descriptive and good! :') A lot of emotions in them.
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    takos_rule Junior
    Thank you, very much~! ^.^
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    madid Junior
    Really good takos.
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    takos_rule Junior
    I close my eyes and drift away
    Thinking of you makes everything ok
    And its true, I just cant live without you
    We're still together, after all we've been through
    And I figure I'll never find another like you

    You've been away and my memory of you fades
    I dont think you'll ever come back to me
    If we ever meet again, I wont let you get away
    My heart beats only for you, no one else
    I'll never love someone else like I love you
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    Pretender Experienced
    Bravo bravo. *standing up an clamping hands*

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