where the sky touches the earth

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Thread Topic: where the sky touches the earth

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    funniebunnie01 Hot Shot
    a thread of poems that i write that i don't know what exactly to do with. i've posted them on wattpad and quotev, but i feel like i'd like to post them here as well
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    funniebunnie01 Hot Shot
    i. come home

    you question why i am sad without you
    why i can only be happy with you
    but darling
    i am a black hole
    breathing in all the light
    with nothing to show for it
    you make my celestial terror stop
    and with your hands
    you fill up all the parts of me
    that the light could never touch
    so every time you leave me
    i suck up all the light
    trying desperately to find something
    that can mimic the warmth of you

    but nothing ever does
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    funniebunnie01 Hot Shot
    ii. i think we destroyed each other

    i think
    that our blood types aren't the same
    so that day
    when our bodies mended together
    and our different blood mixed
    i could feel it clotting in my heart
    and i haven't felt it beat since

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