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    Clara Ford Junior
    Minutes later, we enter the old, black stone tower. The place is pitch-black, but as we roam about, candles on the walls light themselves. There is no sign of life within the tower, but—then again, in a place like this, you wouldn’t expect life. Nalchiorus navigates around the tower pretty well, though.
    Nalchiorus leads me into a throne room and he sits himself upon the throne made from the bones of others. He sits rather comfortably, but a dark cloud comes over him. I feel that something is off.
    I carefully choose how I want to bring up my thoughts with that in mind. “So, we made it to the tower and the throne is yours now.”
    Justin tilts his head and looks at me with his eyes narrowed. “Yes, we most certainly have, but you have not helped me claim a thing.”
    The look of nerves on my face slowly fades into a frown. “What do you mean?”
    Justin jumps up, his black and red cape dragging across the floor and his trident appears in his hand. “I lied to you. I AM the ruler of hades—I didn’t need anyone to help me overthrow the boss, for I am the boss.”
    “What?!” I pull on my wavy lilac hair. “Then why did we come all the way out here?! Why didn’t you just give my soul back?!” I am angry and hurt and confused all at once.
    “I brought you here so that you will not even HOPE to return to the realm of the living. Your body will die, your soul will be mine, and you will remain here forever,” he darkly says. “This tower shall be your home and you my bride. Together, we will rule hades, my love.”
    I shake my head and fling my hand out to the side. “No! I want to be free! We had a deal, Nalchiorus!”
    Nalchiours draws an emotionless look. “Dear child, have I not told you ‘don’t trust demons?’ Hmm, I always assumed that was something you should have known.” He brushes past me and heads for the doorway of the throne room. “Trust me, after a millennium here, you’ll love it.”
    I grimace. I know I have to act, and fast, even if I don’t know what exactly to do! There is no way I’m staying here with a lying demon for the rest of my afterlife!
    I dart after Nalchiorus, snatching the trident from his hand and knocking him over as I turn the corner and dash down the hall.
    “Come back with that!” he shouts, getting back up and flying after me. “You’re only making this harder for yourself,” I can hear him call as I turn down another dark hall and lightning flashes outside. “If you don’t come back, I will rip you apart with my bare hands!”
    I rush outside, jumping down the hill from rock to rock, heart pounding as I see Justin’s hot on my trail. “Whoa!” I slip when I meet the bottom of the hill and almost fall, but I pick myself back up and take to the skies. I look back and don’t see Justin, but I pick up the pace just to be safe. “If I can’t have my soul back, then you can’t have your trident!”
    “Childish,” Justin says, appearing in front of me with a fiery sword.
    “Yiiaaah!” I stop right in front of him, nose almost meeting the blade. I falter in hovering as lightning crashes between us.
    “I would hate to do this to you out of all people, but you leave me no choice,” he says in a low voice, raising his sword.
    Justin swings his sword down hard to my head, but I hold the trident out and the blade catches between the prongs. I grunt as I struggle to hold back his sword. “I’m not—grrrr—letting you—hrrrrgh—win!” I knock him back and swing at him.
    Sparks fly as the blade of the sword met the red-hot prongs of the trident. He slashes low at me and I deflect the sword and turn back, flying towards a cliff’s edge. Justin follows me to the cliff’s edge; he backs me to the edge with my back towards the raging sulfur ocean below.
    “Just give up. There is nothing left for you to do and nowhere for you to go,” he says. “Just be mine and we will spend eternity together here.”
    “I don’t want to be here for eternity; so if I can’t have what I want,” I say, looking to the sulfur, “then neither can you.
    “HIIIIIIIIIYAHHH!” I thrust the trident into the sea, prongs-first.
    Justin dives to the edge of the cliff and stops just short of falling off as the trident flies out of reach and crashes into the sea. “No!”
    The ground shakes violently and the cliff splits right up the side, cracking all the way up to where I stand. Before I know it, the ground drops off from beneath my feet and I fall with it.
    “Waaaaaaaaaaaah!” I try to open my wings and fly back up as I scream for my life, but a rock hits my wing, wounding it. I see that I am heading for the sulfur; I can feel its heat burning my skin as I come so near. I yelp as something snatches me back up and tosses me up to a ledge on the cliff before a large object splashes into the sea. I land on the ledge and immediately gaze down only to find a hand sinking into the sulfur sea. “Justin?” I slowly crawl back to the cliff with tears in my eyes, putting my back against the wall. “He—he saved me.”
    “Wow, you really don’t have that great a memory, do you?” he asks, sitting next to me, dripping wet and steamy from the sulfur, but his body is unscathed. I fling my arms around him in joy; Justin freezes for a moment, then he slowly lets his arms embrace me gently.
    “I’m so happy that you’re—okay,” I say, then weakly dropping to the ground so suddenly.
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    Clara Ford Junior
    Justin catches me before I hit the ground. “Heckatee, are you alright?” He turns me over and examines me. My arm has a severe burn from the sulfur, as does my chest. “No, Heckatee!” I close my eyes, unable to speak as I feel myself drop off. Justin shakes me, but I don’t wake up. “Heckatee, please be okay. I’ll return your soul…I just—I just didn’t want you to go because I love you. Life has been so lonely here, and when I met you, I was determined to get you here so that I can stay with you forever. Now you’re going to die for real and it’s my fault…Unless…”
    Justin brings me close to his chest, gazing at my gentle yet frightful expression as I am passed out. He draws me near and holds me tight as he kisses me.
    I don’t know if it’s from true love or what, but I wake up just as Justin is slowly backing away from me. “I’m alive? Or did I die again?”
    Justin flits his eyes in another direction. “I apologize. It was the only way to help you survive the sulfur burns.”
    “What are you talking about,” I question, genuinely clueless.
    “A demon’s kiss—it grants protection in this realm, but, it also means that you’re partially a demon…forever,” Justin explains in grief. “But, the kiss was the only thing I knew of that would save you. Your eyes have also turned black on account of being part demon.”
    My cheeks turn red. “Wait, you kissed me and I wasn’t awake for that? Bummer,” I sigh. “I want a do over.”
    Justin scratches his white-haired head. “Wait, what? Are you not angry that you’re a demon now?”
    “Angry? Why? I think it’s pretty cool. Being here has given me an idea of the perks you guys get,” I chuckle. “Besides, I like being with you—can’t lie on that.”
    “Nor can I, and I lie a lot. It’s actually in my name,” he sheepishly chuckles. “I’ll—I’ll miss you, though. And to answer your question, I DO mind being lonely. But I’d endure a thousand pains just to be with you,” he says, grabbing my hands. “Please don’t go.”
    I smile warmly. “Justin, I must. My family loves me; they’re not ready to lose me yet and I’m not ready to lose them. However, since I’m partially demon, that means I can visit whenever I want, now.”
    Justin looks down brokenheartedly. “I’ll still miss you. Nevertheless, I shall return your soul to you.” Justin reaches into his pocket and pulls out a glowing yellow sphere of light. “Goodbye, Heckatee.” Justin leans in and gives me a goodbye kiss, then the ball of light begins to glow.
    I open my eyes and see the blue sky above, the clouds so white and puffy, and the birds flapping happily past the sun. I look to my left as I hear a muffled voice call to me. An elderly man is knelt down by my side in front of his eighteen-wheeler.
    “Thank goodness you’re alive! I was certain I killed you, poor baby!” he says.
    I stand straight up with not a scratch or pain on me. “I’m okay, sir,” I say, feeling more relieved than I ever had in years. “I’m sorry I was in the street. I’ll be fine.” I kneel down and pick up my soccer ball, taking it back inside the house as the man climbs back into his truck.
    “What an angel,” the man says as he puts on his seatbelt and pulls off.
    When my parents return home, I couldn’t be happier to see them. This is a shock to them considering how hopeless I appeared for the longest time. I am just happy to sit down and have supper with them.
    Mom looks up at me from across the table. “Heckatee,” she begins, “your father and I have been thinking that it might do you well to go out and get some fresh air more often—make friends, have fun! The doctor can’t stress enough that your happiness is rather important. It might help you cope with your problems.”
    I’m surprised to hear this news. “Really?!” I smile from ear to ear. “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”
    So, the next weekend, I lace up my sneakers and take my soccer ball outside. Today, I plan to head to the park and find friends to play soccer with.
    I reach the edge of the street, looking both ways to cross, and right across from me on the other side stands a boy. He is dressed in the most formal schoolboy uniform, his hair is white, and his eyes are black. I gasp as our eyes meet, and he smiles back at me his fanged smile that only I would recognize.
    If someone had told me that I’d become the princess of demons, I wouldn’t have believed them, but hey, like I said, anything and everything can change…

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    Clara Ford Junior

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    Clara Ford Junior
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    Eva17 Novice
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    Falcon Punch Novice
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    DJ Marina Newbie
    Pearl, Marina, We're Your Biggest Frauds!

    Pearl kicked back in her chair, placing her arms behind her head as Marina flipped the record and placed it down to play. "Ahhhh. Now this is how you make the summer fresh!"
    "And these new songs really do the trick. I think everyone in Inkopolis is listening in right now," Marina announced with joy.
    Pearl turned on her microphone. "Our next song is Tentacular Summer Ebb and Flow. Hope ya'll like it!" She closed her eyes and bobbed her head as Marina played the record. Then, Pearl opened her golden eyes and shot a look to Marina. "This is the life."
    Marina smiled her nervous but gracious, fanged grin and nodded. "There's no place I'd rather be than our studio. I mean, sure there are lots of things to be done in the summer, but we make the most of our memories here, you and I."
    "True dat, 'Rina, true dat." Pearl sat up as her stomach let out a ferocious growl. "Hey," she called out, causing Marina to jump. "You wanna grab somethin' from Crusty Sean's on the way home? A squid could eat!"
    "Oh, I thought you wanted to eat healthy," Marina slowly reminded Pearl.
    Pearl's eyes grew as her smile dropped. "But-but...Marina," Pearl whined, "I'm HUNGRY!"
    "Ohhh, alright. I suppose one meal couldn't hurt," Marina compromised, shaking her head.
    After the two finished up at the studio, they went out into Inkopolis Square to get lunch.
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    DJ Marina Newbie
    When Pearl and Marina got to Crusty Sean's food truck, they found a large crowd of Inklings and Octolings waiting for their orders.
    "Whoa," Pearl gasped, "lunch hour be packed."
    Marina shrugged. "Maybe we should come back around 2."
    "Yeah," Pearl agreed, waving for Marina to follow her. "Let's split."
    "WAAAAAAAIT!" a voice cried out from the crowd.
    "WAAAAAAAIT!" another voice repeated.
    Both Marina and Pearl jumped and whipped back around to find two young kids, a fluorescent-pink Inkling girl and a neon-teal Octoling girl.
    The Inkling girl waved vigorously. "Hi, I'm Pearly and this is Marine."
    "WE'RE YOUR BIGGEST FANS!" the two girls screamed in unison.
    Marina stepped back uncomfortably. "Erm..."
    Pearl looked at them in confusion. "Eh," she thought to herself, "kinda creepy, but okay." Pearl stepped up to the two and held her hand out. "What's cookin'? Hopefully not you," she cracked, trying to pass the awkward moment.
    Pearly smiled an impossibly-huge smile. "We want you to sign our clothes!" she said.
    "NO," Marine corrected, "GIVE US YOUR SIGNATURES!"
    "YES," Pearly agreed, "TEACH US HOW TO WRITE LIKE YOU GUYS!"
    Both: "AND ACT LIKE YOU!!!"
    Pearl backed away, lowering her hand, eye twitching. "Eh???..."
    Marine shook her head, snapping out of her shock, and politely cleared the air. "I'm sorry, we can't do any of that, but we cangive you an autograph."
    The two's eyes grew wide, filling with tears. "NO!" they demanded, "WE'RE YOUR BIGGEST FANS! WE DESERVE MORE! IT'S NOT FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!"
    Marina gasped, covering her ears. "Oh!" Before she could reply, Pearl interjected, "Sorry, but we don't accommodate to brats."
    Pearl pulled Marina along. "Come on, 'Rina. Let's go home."
    Off the Hook duo, Pearl and Marina, left Pearly and Marine in the middle of Inkopolis Square.
    The two young fans turned red with anger and looked to each other, growling as their role models walked away...

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