Escape The Night.

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    mothIncarnate Novice
    Name: Seth
    Title: The renegade
    Personality: tired, kinda gloomy, wants to help people but also bad with people, tired pt 2
    3 skills: writing, clerical work, puzzles
    3 weaknesses: victim complex, self-absorbed, pretentious

    The night will begin soon, once all start has been drawn.
    The first poll will arrive shortly.
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    Arya spectre Advanced
    Name: Kymara Doragon
    Title: the detective
    Personality: clever, but nervous around big crowds, awkward, with a rare, hesitant smile
    3 skills: logical solutions, being quick on her feet, writing
    3 weaknesses: speaking loudly, making plans, strength
    Appearance: a small, golden-blonde haired and pale skinned girl with silvery-blue eyes and freckles
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    Rin and Devon have been replaced with Mirari and Kymara
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    Miraritan Advanced
    Name: Mirari La'Fae
    Title: The Mob Boss
    Personality: Charismatic, seems kind, actually manipulative and sadistic.
    3 Skills: Manipulation, picking locks, good at improvisation.
    3 Weaknesses: Physically weaker than average, her rage, and people she deems weak [she has a need to protect the vulnerable].
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    EmberTehFerret Advanced


    [ Art by Katqueen]
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    Yoi Morgan Advanced
    (What happened to this?)
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    mothIncarnate Novice
    [ literally nothing? It’s still in the works. It just takes time. ]

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