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    Beaver Novice
    So, I'm writing a story about a girl who has fallen into depression and has consequently become suicidal. I don't know very much about committing suicide so I thought I'd ask the wonderful Go To Quiz to find some help!

    I was wondering what would be the "best" way for her to commit suicide?
    She lives with her single mom in a small flat in the country. The story's set in England as well so she doesn't have access to any guns or that type and there aren't any buildings or bridges tall enough to jump off of that guarantee her death.

    Thank you everyone for your help!
    - Beaver
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    Well, it's really all dependent on what her motivation to die is. How badly she wants death. If she really wants to end her life, she'll do anything- even if it's something rather slow and painful, like bleeding out or hanging herself.. I'd need to know how she acts to really say what I believe she'd attempt, honestly.

    Plus it's important to include reflection. Does she value human life? Is she afraid to do this? Is she ready?
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    Beaver Novice
    She will do anything to die as long as its quick and simple. She hates herself and everyone around her. She self harms (cutting) as well, if that helps at all? She's only been properly suicidal for about three weeks but she really wants her emotional pain to just end as soon as she can make it

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