A Clear Claire Care Revenge

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    Part Two

    Cindy? May I talk to you? Mrs. Huston asked Claire, opening the door to her office. Of course. Claire replied, knowing the humans name was Cindy. She walked into the office with Mrs. Huston and sat on a rocking chair. She rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth as the chair squeaked. Claire. I know you borrowed Cindys body. Can she have it back? Emily asked. Sorry Emily. Not until I find Britney. Claire replied with a smirk.

    I assume that means you want revenge? Mrs. Huston sighed. You were lucky. You survived. Terry did to. You were smart. I tried to leave too. Britney grabbed me. Forced me to stay. She didnt want her little sister to be chicken. Tell you what. Ill let this girl go. But then Ill be trapped in the school. Ill possess children and maybe cause some mischief until you tell me where youre hiding Britney. Claire threatened. Claire... Britney found her calling already. She fulfilled her purpose. Emily told her. No... Youre lying! Claire yelled, standing up.

    Claire took a plastic knife out of her lunch box and held it to the human girls skin. Ill cut her if you dont tell me the truth. Claire threatened. Claire. I am telling the truth. Britney helped me get through school. She helped Terry complete her training. We stopped many more children from peer pressuring eachother into danger. We couldnt do that if she didnt help us. She made up for what she did. And now shes in the next life. Emily yelled.

    Claire stood there in angry silence. She glared at Emily as she chattered on. So instead of trying to get revenge, maybe you should get started fixing your own life. Emily suggested. Well. I keep my promises. And I promised to cause mischief until I find Britney. So, how bout this. Im going to stay in this body. Cindy will live in external darkness. Each bad deed I do will put harm in Britneys name while each good dead you do will put good in it. Soon you will die and proceed to the next life. But this child will live on. Eventually my bad deeds will bring Britney back to her ghost form. And I can get back at her for what she did to me. Claire yelled, her eyes glowing red. Lollipop? She asked, handing one to Emily.

    I dont think it works that way. Emily replied. Okay then. A compromise. Ill let this girl go. Then Ill possess a girl in the high school so I can continue my life. Claire decided. Before Emily could say something to stop her, Claire floated out of the girls body and into the roof. Weirdest argument in my life. Emily moaned as the lights flickered. She walked over to Cindy who opened her pale blue eyes. What happened? Cindy asked.

    To be Continued.

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