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    batman12506 Novice
    I've been sleepless for ten days, my head's tearing at the seams
    There's too much inside my brain from the many built up dreams
    As the seams break one by one, all the darkness starts to seep
    All the nightmares in my mind are now loose on every street

    Dreams all running rampant and destroying all the Towns
    Zombie dogs, giant potato bugs and lots of sexy clowns
    My dreams are all disgusting, and I want to run away
    But I guess the right thing to do here is try to save the day

    Now thinking of Batman to come and rescue me
    Hiding so that the nightmares couldn't still view me
    But watching Batman battle was turning me right on
    So I had to dream of sex toys, until the urge was gone

    And as Batman finally wins the fight
    He sticks my dreams back in my head, tight
    And he asks "Anything else I can do?"
    Getting turned on again, I then replied "I'd like to do you"

    After sex with the bat, I felt so much better
    When suddenly Batman was in Freddy Krueger's sweater
    "I'm just way too tired." the next words I spoke
    When I opened my eyelids, and then I awoke
    I thought it was real, but it was all a hoax
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    batman12506 Novice
    I know that you think I'm just mediocre
    But I'd hoped I could be the Batman to your Joker
    You've broken me down to make me feel like mud
    Stained my life's skin when you spilled all its blood

    I've sat by the clock of this world as it ticks
    Simply waiting and fading as you make me sick
    And I know I'm no hero, but I can pretend
    I've nothing to offer but words from my pen

    So why do I bother? I know I won't win
    I don't have a clue where I'd even begin
    So I just cut my spine out and gave it to you
    When you planted it in the ground, what kind of plant grew?
    I hope that you got to see something brand new
    Something so strange, did your mind go askew?

    It's fine if you think that I'm nothing but dirt
    Your pathetic attempts to be cruel do not hurt
    I'm stronger than coal that's been crushed into diamonds
    I'm larger than mountains, there's no need to climb them

    I've caught all the stars and I've swallowed the moon
    I've danced with the sun and flown with stray balloons
    I've cried tears of seas and I've swum with the sharks
    Collecting the lights of life, creating the dark
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    batman12506 Novice
    This next poem is dedicated to my Tyler. I love him so much. I might even give my Batman role to him. Because he has had that much of an impact on my life. I love you Tyler. Here's to you:

    Thank you for saving me on my darkest night,
    For guiding me when I was too blind to see the light;
    For catching me all of the times I fell, searching for a love it seemed I could not find.
    Thank you for protecting me when I could not see your sheild,
    Fighting my battles as if they were your own,
    Binding my heart each time it broke, somehow you were the only constant each time it healed.
    Oh Batman, if only I had known...
    Think of all the years I have wasted,
    Time spent captured by the Joker's smile;
    If only I had realized sooner,
    How you always wiped away his tainted paint,
    How you were all I ever needed.
    I see you lurking in the shadows,
    Watching and waiting to fight.
    I'm sorry I have taken away so many years from you,
    Watching me instead of evil;
    Listen closely to the cries in the night-
    It is not my tears you hear;
    Justify the wrong I have surely corrupted you with,
    Save the world as you always do.
    And Batman?
    Before you go,
    There's something you should know...
    I will always be your Robbin.
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    batman12506 Novice
    Sorry wrong thing, the last one I posted wasn't it, not the one I was writing for Tyler. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    batman12506 Novice
    I'm whisking away in the depths of Hell
    Disappearing without a sign
    Without a sound
    Without a trace
    Without an indication of my murder

    No one hears my cries
    Or my shouts
    Nothing that involves dissolving this pain
    No company except for my own
    But that's nothing

    When I yell
    It's muffled by shrieks
    When I cry
    No one hears
    When I die
    No one will grieve
    And when try no one will be there to stop me
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    batman12506 Junior
    I'm trying to mend my heart
    Using all the toughest glues
    But it's not working
    It falls right back into pieces
    Scattered in the ashes
    I reach my hand in
    Looking for the other piece
    I finally found it,
    Plucking it out of Hell
    Thinking it's my Heaven

    Looks are deceiving
    Looks are deceiving

    No matter how pretty of a picture
    There's always dementors.
    And he was my dementor.

    Many days passed
    It grew tired
    Endless, sleepless night
    Crying into my pillow
    Wishing the pain would stop
    Wishing it would go away
    Never never never

    Looks are deceiving
    Looks are deceiving

    You'll have to look past the barrier
    Into their soul
    To know if they are an angel
    Or a demon.
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    batman12506 Junior
    Is it possible for love?
    Possible for caring so much it hurts?
    Yes it's possible.

    Is it possible to be hurt?
    Is it possible to have your heart broken?
    Yes it's possible.

    Is it possible to hate someone but love them all the same?
    Is it possible to cry yourself to sleep over a person?
    Yes it's possible.

    Is it possible?
    Yes it is.

    Everything is possible
    Being hurt is possible
    Having your heart broken is possible
    Everything is possible
    No matter what.
    Love and Pain defines gravity
    Having both is possible
    Everything is possible
    Everything is possible.
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    batman12506 Junior
    When the darkness has risen
    You know you're too late
    But you still try
    But still in your heart,
    A small part is filled with doubt
    But you still try.
    You call 911
    You get an ambulance
    They come
    Your hopes rise
    But only to be shot down
    They tried nothing
    They zipped the body bag
    And carried away the last brother you had
    They leave you screaming
    Crying out for him to come back
    Wishing somehow your voice would bring him out of this daze

    Your mind goes through your memories of him
    Picturing the smile on his face when you sung to him
    Remembering how scared he was of mom's Man-of-the-hour.
    You cared for him
    And you never gotten to say good bye
    To say how much you loved him
    To say that he is a great big brother.

    Your heart starts racing
    Your terrified
    You ask yourself "how will i live without him?"
    But you quickly remember
    This has happened before
    You always ask the same question
    But it always remains unanswered
    Because you know that after fifth death
    Your heart stopped beating
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    batman12506 Junior
    Everywhere I go.
    I leave a trail of tears
    And blood
    But I guess deep down
    I wanted to try something new
    Cause now behind me
    Is a trail of broken hearts
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    batman12506 Junior
    My heart I broken
    I am unhappy
    But I know the choice will make others happy
    So I go along
    Strapping myself in for the bumpy ride
    Silently crying
    Asking why cant I be happy for once
    But I know why already
    If your a girl,with an eating disorder, a f---ed up life, cries herself to sleep every night, watched people die, cuts herself because there isnt anything left that you find joy in
    The world doesn't want you to be happy
    It doesn't,
    Nothing does.
    After being clean
    It pops in my head again
    Gnawing at me
    And this time
    I won't be returning.
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    batman12506 Junior
    On the outside I'm smiling
    But on the inside I'm dying
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    batman12506 Junior
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    batman12506 Junior

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