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    It's something that doesn't turn on me
    I know whenever I have it
    I'm not completely alone
    I have the notes,
    And the lulibies
    That brings me sleep
    It loves when I hit the repeat button
    Enjoying the lyrics
    Letting the words sink in
    And rising my moods on my darkest days
    Understanding the passion through it
    And not a few words smashed together
    There's more to it
    Not just screams and shouts
    If you understood it like I do
    The screams send messages that you are blind to
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    Someone needed another project
    So they choose me
    Said I'll my weaknesses
    And I turned to putty
    Said all the right things
    And butterflies grew
    They did everything perfect
    But little did I know
    They had eyes for someone else
    Someone else
    They played with me
    Until I broke
    Laughed at me
    Behind their mask
    But their mask said differently
    It was all a facade
    And I fell for it
    Straight into his trap
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    I broke it
    You didn't need to
    I's my fault
    your sentence ended early
    It's my fault
    You couldn't grow
    It's my fault
    Your mom is crying
    It's my fault
    Your dad is abusing
    It's my fault
    That you didn't live til the
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    Her stomach flutters with the butterflies
    He teased her
    Softly grazing his lips across hers
    She whimpered wanting the kiss she desperately need to have
    He grabbed her waist and pulled her in close
    She hitched her breath
    Ready for what was coming
    He roamed his hands along her sides
    His hands resting right below her butt
    She wanted what was coming
    It was her survival
    She wrapped her arms around his neck
    Attempting to pull him in
    But he didn't budge from his position
    He pulled her in closer
    Chest to Chest
    She looked into his eyes
    The purple blue clashing with the gold rings
    She moaned
    She needs this
    But why wont he give in
    "Keane, are you alright?" She asked, scared she did something wrong
    He bent down, his lips right next to her ear
    "I'm perfect as long as I'm with you"
    He slowly pressed his lips against hers.
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    batman12506 Junior
    We embraced in a dream
    but thats all it was.
    I felt your kisses and your arms around me once more
    and it felt so real.

    Love is only enough in fiction.

    Im swimming through thoughts and emotions and
    coming across fragments that feel so recondite to me.
    Its enough to drown in.

    I loved you once.
    When we were together,
    my heart skipped beats like it was trying to savor
    every last one.

    Were all slaves
    and freedom lies in madness.
    Im bound by wanting more,
    needing something I cant find.
    My fingers long to grasp this veiled illusion.

    I left you and I cried
    because I couldnt understand the reason why.
    When I left, I shattered the illusions we made real

    Your silence breaks my heart.
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    Alex30O0 Novice
    You suck at writing poetry.
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    batman12506 Junior
    Thank kew very much
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    This poem I didn't write. I found the lovely note in my locker. And I would like to share it with the world! mwhahaha >:3 'lil Wes is gonna hate me XD oh well.

    Do not listen, Do not cry.
    You look beautiful, and I do not lie.
    People say mean things,
    Do not listen to what they say,
    My lovely CJ, they do not mean it in any way.
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    batman12506 Junior
    If this is the end, then I'll say my goodbyes
    There will be tears
    There will be shouts
    There will be threats
    But in the end, they aren't the ones going away
    I'll be me

    Making the picture, continuing my drawing
    As my story stops writing
    Then there will be my book, my tale
    The Girl Who Tried To Live
    But she didn't make it to the end
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    batman12506 Experienced
    I wonder if someone says broken bones hurts more than the words spilling out of you mouth
    That they actually will

    When actions speak louder than words
    Or the lies you say

    Or when you hit me

    Or when you walk away

    Or when you don't bother

    It hurts, when not cared

    It hurts to be forgotten

    I wonder how the other side feels
    Watching us scrambling for spots on the ladder
    So we don't have to face the fire
    That envelops our fears,
    And uses it against us

    I wonder how they can sit back and watch
    Watch us cry out in mercy
    Watch us scream for help
    Watch us suffer from being malnourished because no one would give a damn to lift a finger

    I wonder how they can just watch this happen
    And the guilt wouldn't feel like lead in their blood,
    Constantly bringing them down
    Lower and lower to the ground,
    Where we can finally see them
    The people who watch us die
    Slowly and unbearable
    The ones who couldn't pull a trigger to give us a quick death.

    I wonder how they live
    Seeing this happen

    It's a miracle they aren't as insane as us
    The ones who push through, no matter how bad someone tell us,
    We won't make it

    It's miracle. It's one disguised at death, and an angel.

    It's funny......they must think.....
    How some of us actually try!
    How some of us try to push forward while everyone else is telling us we can make a difference.
    That we won't survive to make it to the end
    To actually laugh every once in a while.
    But we will make it. At least I hope.

    At least I hope we do......
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    batman12506 Experienced
    Somehow I wonder if I survived
    Survived this apocalypse that was unleashed onto our world,
    If I would act differently.
    Decided if I had battle scars why not show them.
    Show them how I survived.
    How I went on, in life.
    Despite the accidents that happened.
    I wonder....
    But I will never know.....
    Since this is not my place....
    This world......I wasn't supposed to be born this way.....
    Not like this.
    But I was..
    And I didn't survive.
    My story already stopped writing.....
    Not more full pages,
    they are blank.
    Tom Riddle's diary blank.....
    The words I've written are hidden
    but no one will discover.
    They are lost
    And forgotten,
    as will I.

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