What happened to the good ol' days?

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Thread Topic: What happened to the good ol' days?

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    Wooden Bridge Novice
    Back then, It wasn't this HOT! I mean, 39 degrees? That's really HOT
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    lilfreakgryl Experienced
    Back then, when fast food portions were smaller and less fat
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    Appayipyip42 Experienced
    39 degrees Celsius I'm assuming?
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    Biance Advanced
    Back then,global warning wasn't a problem.

    Back then,when abusing(both animal and child)wasn't an idea.
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    bunniesrule Advanced
    Back then, when the worst you could get from a boy was cooties.
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    lilfreakgryl Experienced
    Back then, when abortion was adoption

    Back then, when people weren't as spazzy over celebrities
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    6 6 sick Experienced
    Back then,kids would just be kids

    Back then,kids wouldn't try to act in their 30s
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    Biance Advanced
    Back then,you wouldn't see little kids at a Lady Gaga concert

    Back then,there were no pervs or whatever

    Back then,people didn't litter at all

    Back then,when people could get off their lazy butts and go clean up a ditch

    Back then,people didn't do hit and drives
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    tomboykaitie Hot Shot
    Back when "Shut Up" and "Stupid" were bad words.
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    lilfreakgryl Experienced
    Back then, when cooties were real

    Back then, when you would BEG for people not to tell on you for saying 'stupid' or 'shut up'

    Back then, when parents weren't 'parents' in their teens

    Back then, when stereotypes were just for fun

    Back then, before my family tore apart......
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    sapphiretwirl Experienced
    back when we thought we could by the whole store with $20, now we're lucky to buy a T-shirt

    back when it only took a chocolate bar to make us happy

    back when all we wanted was a bike

    back when we tried to eat the bubbles before they could touch the ground

    back when there was good shows on TV

    back when the only competition was trying to go the highest on the swings
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    Biance Advanced
    Back then,barely anyone had braces. Now everyone has braces.
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    heyilikepie Novice
    Back then, when no one used to back talk

    Back then, when having a friend the opposite sex didn't mean anything

    Back then, when anyone would say "It's okay" or "It'll get better" it actually would

    Back then, you could play out till dark without worrying about anyone or anything
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    Brittonio34 Novice
    back then
    when I'd watch Dragon Tales and not give a care in the world.
    back then when evertything was simple and
    there were no NBA and NFL lockouts
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    Nikki_Knox Experienced
    Back then, when money didn't mean everything,

    Back then, when the leaders of the world told the truth and played fair,

    Back then, when music implied a message, and not just "dancing at the club" or "lets have sex"

    Back then, when little ids didn't cathc the dirty inuendos and watch dirty videos by 7 (not a lie)

    Back then when playing outside was the favorite pass time, not computers and cell phones

    Back then, when respect was earned and given to your elders

    Back then when parents sang you to sleep, didn't swear in front of children and gave a good example

    Back then when dating was for 15 an up

    Back then when TV shows made sense and delivered a message, ntot he crap we see today

    Back then when kids actually knew who Inspector Gadget, the Smurfs and Tom and Jerry were

    Back then where kids weren't smoking and doing drugs at 13

    Back then where there weren't so many things to miss ;)

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