pronouncing indonesian is very simple

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Thread Topic: pronouncing indonesian is very simple

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    Nature Junior

    For the doctors and such, from the USA or UK may have first difficulties. But not for us. Or read them like how you read romanji in Japanese. Or Latin in doctornese.
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    Matmail Junior
    I'm Indonesian and yes... Indonesian is pretty easy, and the grammar isn't complicated too.

    But, the grammar can be hard in verbs use, for example "Memberi", "Diberi", "Memberikan", "Diberikan", "Terberilah", "Memberilah", and "Diberilah" are only the transformation of the verb "Beri" which means "to give" in English.

    Or like "memperbaik", "membaikkan", "memperkenalkan", "mengenalkan", "mencuci", "menyapu", "menyurvei", and etc. They have different meanings for every transformation.

    And.... Indonesian people often fail at spelling Indonesian correctly.

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