Here's a question.

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Thread Topic: Here's a question.

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    love54 Junior
    Me and this kid were talking about Indian Food. (How the conversation, got from, 'Can you help me with this problem?' to Indian Food, is beyond my knowledge.) He acted like he knew everything. Which ticked me off. Yes I know that's a stupid reason to get ticked off, but I can't stand it when people say they know everything about a subject they've only visited a few times.

    Well anyway, who would know better about Indian Food?
    Someone from Pakistan, (Pakistani food, and Indian food, not so different... why? Check out my thread: The History of Pakistan:

    and has eaten Pakistani/Indian food, there entire .life, or someone who sometimes goes to Indian restaurants in America.

    Yes, I know this is very, very, very, very stupid.
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    Jeeshan Junior
    I know about Indian food.

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