The History of Pakistan

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Thread Topic: The History of Pakistan

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    "My ultimate aim of life is to be a good human being, unlike you. And I can understand, that's not your problem, that's how you grew up, that's what your parents taught you and that's how your friends are."

    Now who's rude, Jeeshan?

    Btw yes, that how I grew up and that's what I'm gonna be
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    Aadee: okay, I am accepting my fault. But when you posted on my thread on The Garden, I thanked you and you forgot and when I said that your post was rude, you started insulting me. I never told that my ultimate aim of life was becoming a junior, still you said that.
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    Anyways... I'll continue my lessony thingy tomorrow...
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    The Pakistan cricket team made its Test cricket debut in 1952 and has since become one of the most successful teams in modern cricket. The team reached the semi-finals of the 1979,1983, 1987 World Cups, and finals in 1992 and 1999, and won the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup by defeating England in the final.


    2007: Runners Up
    2009: Champions
    2010: Semi Finalist
    2012: Semi Finalist
    2014: Group Stage

    1998: First Round

    199899: Champions
    200102: Runners Up

    1986: Champions
    1990: Champions
    1994: Champions

    1984: Third Place
    1986: Runners Up
    1988: Third Place
    199091: Did not participate
    1995: Third Place
    1997: Third Place
    2000: Champions
    2004: Third Place
    2008: Third Place
    2012: Champions

    1998: Quarter Finals
    2000: Semi Finals
    2002: First round
    2004: Semi Finals
    2006: First round
    2009: Semi Finals
    2013: First round

    1975: First Round
    1979: Semi Finals
    1983: Semi Finals
    1987: Semi Finals
    1992: Champions
    1996: Quarter Finals
    1999: Finalist
    2003: First round
    2007: First round
    2011: Semi Finals
    2015: Quarter Finals
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    Aww... no ones been here for a while... Eh, I got nothing better to do at the moment...
    The Shalwar Kameez is the national dress for Pakistan. It is worn by both men and women (Which one is for females and which one is for males can be told by the design). Suits and ties are usually only worn for things like meetings or as a school uniform. It is made to be cool during the summer, since in Pakistan Summers are really hot. But it can also be warm for winter (Though you probably figured that out using common sense).
    Here are a few pics' urls:

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    Is what that last link is supposed to be!
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    Oh god taht last guy is hot
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    It's a paki jesus!
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    Should I continue with this lesson-y thingy?
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    I can never get that right. ^

    Let's try again!

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