All will become Russian

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Thread Topic: All will become Russian

  • China will be Russia.
  • Japan will be Russia.
  • The European Union will be Russia.
  • Ukraine is Russia.
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    ilovelions Junior
    Sorry but... Hitler rules all.
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    i_love_planes Advanced
    Yup, pretty much :T
  • Hitler was an insecure douchebag with small d---. How can he rule all when he's dead and his mission has failed? Don't be foolish.
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    alex3000 Experienced
    Hahahaha, my homeworld's government could completely take over this planet with great ease, this civilization isn't even close to the maturing point, and it is EXTREMELY simple. Be glad we're not hostile whatsoever, or I don't think you'd had even typed any of that.
  • I don't understand you. Please remember to take your medication.
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    alex3000 Experienced
    I t doesn't seem as if I reverted to my native language, so I don't know what thee is to not understand. And I do not take any medication, as I do not require it.
  • Your imaginary world has no standing in the real world. You are a young child. I am the president of Russia.
  • Sirus Newbie
    I am no child and the other world I speak of is anything but imaginary. It has such a big role in even just your existence that you see right through it. Be glad.
  • Animelover9 Novice
    Hitler rools. America will fight till no one lives. Ukraine will never fall
  • Animelover9 Novice
    God doesnt like u putin
  • Animelover9 Novice
    Be glad putin that America isn't acting hostile be ause if we were russia would be a wastland

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