Is anyone from Michigan?! ANYONE?!

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Thread Topic: Is anyone from Michigan?! ANYONE?!

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    no one? thats sad. no, more like, pathetic
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    6 6 sick Newbie
    lol dont blame the ppl lol
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    No, i'm blaming... uhhh... my cat.
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    Anastasia Novice
    lol my dad is from there but we live in Hawaii
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    Oh that's cool... were you born in hawaii?
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    Anastasia Novice
    Nah I was born in Washington state, my dad's military so we move like everywhere lol
  • Andrea01 Newbie
    I don't live in Michigan but I also have family there
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    Nicholas0 Newbie
    lol i just remembered that red hot chilli peppers song called especially in michigan
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    I like music Novice
    Life is my friend
    Rake it up to take it in
    Wrap me in your cinnamon
    Especially in Michigan
    ...well I could be your friend

    White clouds I'm in
    A mitten full of fisherman
    C'mon huckleberry finn
    Show me how to make her grin
    ...well I'm in Michigan

    Cry me a future
    Where the revelations run amok
    Ladies and gentlemen
    Lions and tigers come running
    Just to steal your luck

    A rainy Lithuanian
    Who's dancing as an Indian
    Painted in my tiger skin
    (Especially in Michigan)

    Double chins and bowling pins
    Unholy presbyterians
    Land is full of medicine
    I find it when I'm slipping in
    ...into Michigan

    The tainted new librarian
    Who fainted when she tucked you in
    Let's float away like zeppelins
    (on stoic gusts of northern wind)

    Out on the farm we'll be
    Swimming with the mother duck
    Deep in the mitten where
    Lions and tigers come running
    Just to steal your luck

    Life is my friend
    Underwater violins
    Order now from ho chi min
    A porcelain that comes in twins
    ...when I'm in Michigan

    Throw me in the looney bin
    Cause I can take it on the chin
    The cleavage of your pillow skin
    (Is moving like a violin)

    LOL I love that song!

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