Where would this idea Go thread

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Thread Topic: Where would this idea Go thread

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    Magie Magic Senior
    I see a lot of threads asking what thread goes in what forum. So instead of wasting threads, post here!

    My question is, would Kiss, Marry, or Kill Celebrity Version go in the Ballroom or Front Porch?
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    Ashl3y Senior
    probably ballroom since the subject isn't quite romantic, but more levels of preference of celebrities!!
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    ivana Experienced
    I would say the Theater probably because it involves Actors.
    Or the Ballroom because it could be musicians as well.
    So one of them if anything.
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    FluffyEtini Experienced
    What about a thread about history?
  • the1andonly Newbie
    now I'm no expert but I feel like history goes in The Map Room

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