Chargers or challengers

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Thread Topic: Chargers or challengers

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    unstopablepanda3 Experienced
    Challengers for me
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    unstopablepanda3 Experienced
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    Rex Senior
  • chargers are way better

    ford or Chevy??
  • fine ram or dodge
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    unstopablepanda3 Experienced
    Aren't they the same brad Brooke?
  • no dodge was made b4 and ram is just like a copy Back in the old days, there was only Dodge and they had some kind of shield logo with stripes on it.

    The Ram came into existence as badging for the Ramcharger, a Ford Bronco/GMC Jimmy competitor which was based on the D-series truck. The D-series trucks eventually came to be known as Ram truck and the full sized vans as Ram vans. Eventually the Ram brand would encompass all utility vehicles made by Dodge, including the cargo version of the Dodge Caravan, and the tiny D50 truck from Mitsubishi.

    Very few Dodge cars had anything other than the name on them and the shield logo was used very sparsely (though my parent's '77 Dodge Tradesman camper van had it on the grille--one of the few Dodge vans to have it--and our 1982 D50 had it on the steering wheel in addition to early Ram logos on the sides).

    Shortly after the troubles in the 1980s the Chrysler logo was used quite a bit, but they wanted more differentiation like GM and Ford had with their divisions. I am not sure what drove them to adopt the Ram logo for all of their vehicles, but it was probably because of easy recognition.

    Plymouth did a similar thing with the ship logo in the 1990s, as again it was only the name that ever went on it and perhaps a Chrysler logo before then.
  • imafancyjag Newbie
    Chargers but IMA ford fan
  • i like chargers 2 but ima ford girl

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