CerealKiller is also one of the hackers here

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Thread Topic: CerealKiller is also one of the hackers here

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    Alejandro98 Junior
    Somebody hacked me and posted as me. As a result now nobody believes me and thinks i'm the hacker. Sad story. My baby is f---ing with the hacker. Help me GTQ guy.
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    XxSophiacxX Junior
    hmmm... let me type the names of the people i think who is the hacker.




    Calypso(cant remember the rest of the name)
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    SWAGGIRL Newbie
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    Carrotop Novice
    Dude, someone hacked Alejandro89's account. His back up account is Cerealkiller. Cerealkiller is not the hacker.
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    6 6 sick Senior
    For now guys,if your account is hacked just use a new account really,your old account is doomed.Until something is done or something.
  • GinnyGirl Novice
    ... Why should people even hack? What could they possibly gain (apart from the consequence if they are caught)... Just thinking aloud here people!
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    Moyashi Advanced
    Stop making your passwords so damn easy. Makeup a fake email that can't be used when you create your account in the first place. That way if they stalk your Facebook or something, they can't use your email.
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    harpusrox7 Advanced
    That's one reason why I don't post my email on here
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    33iZZy18 Novice
    WTF? Who would hack on GTQ? Dude, seriously people need to get a life OFF the computer. But guys who ever the hackers are please please show it to the world so everyone could know who they are.

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