Hi people of the world!

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Thread Topic: Hi people of the world!

  • Kiki rocks Newbie
    just want to talk to people.
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    tomboykaitie Hot Shot
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    harpusrox7 Junior
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    Alanna Junior
    How are you?
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
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    Appayipyip42 Experienced
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    tazia101 Novice
    "Kiki" as in the miazaki film. Or a name. Just wondering. (Oh, and my question mark button isn't working.)
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    gfh012 Experienced
  • Kiki rocks Newbie
    No not as in the miazaki film is it an anime it sounds japanese... i don't like those shows. Hi to everyone! thanks for saying hi feel free to talk to me whenever. i'm doing pretty good. Though I will be gone all next week and then until close to when school begins again. (who else is going in 7th grade?)
  • ArouraElf Novice
    This coming year? I am :)
  • Kiki rocks Novice
    Hey everyone!
  • Klingon Newbie
    I am...screw it, you know who I am. XD

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